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Hello There! 

Welcome to my blog, if you weren't aware as to who you are speaking with I am Ellie. However, my friends call me Elle. Back in the good old days of twenty fourteen, I launched my first ever blog. For a matter of fact it's this one you are on right now. Since then, not much has changed, accept this online page of mine has opened up many a door for myself. 

Having the opportunity to work with some incredible brands, and meet some fellow equally as fab people along the way has been a hell of a journey. I believe that blogging helped me a lot, and would want this to be a stepping stone for others as it has done for me. So don't be afraid to get in touch if you want some assistance starting your own page (ill leave the juicy contact details at the end). 

But who am I? Well, since you sound so interested into who this Blonde, Cocktail loving, Geordie is... basically just summed myself up in one there. I am a almost twenty-one year old student, from Newcastle-upon-tyne, who is studying towards a Fashion Communication degree from Northumbria University. Yippee! 
I am around three months away from leaving uni, and entirely unsure what the road ahead lies for me (help) so sit back, relax and enjoy me on the self rictus road, on how on earth to be an adult. 

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