Saturday, 13 July 2019

Mouth of the Tyne Festival | Sam Fender | ELLEKATE

Happy Saturday!

If you were not aware from my stupid amount of Instagram story posts, the other night we managed to go along to Mouth of the Tyne to see Sam Fender play the home stage – and my god was it one HELL of a night.

We arrived ready for the forecast of lightning storms and non-stop rain. Personally, I rocked up in a yellow fisherman’s raincoat and stomping ground boots. Despite this we got nothing but glorious sunshine – leaving me sweating, ditching the jacket and spending the rest of the evening in my Snoop Dog t-shirt… Did manage to get out hands on one of the paintball t-shirts, however, which if you haven’t seen already were a brilliant idea too whoever thought of them.

Sadly, we didn’t go and grab a bite to eat from any of the surrounding food stalls. If you have never been to the Mouth of the Tyne Festival before, the event is totally family and chill friendly. You can grab some food from (some of who were there last night) Meat: Stack, Fat Hippo, Hatch 76 and Canny Coffee. You can even bring in your own drink, heck you can even bring a deck chair. If you are going to one of this year’s events over the next coming day’s you can click HERE to go and check out all the information you might need to know ahead of the event.

For the support acts, we got to listen to my childhood in the form of Little Comet’s, having introduced them to a couple of the younger members of my family last year it was nice to have them singing along with me this time. Not stood clueless wondering who they ever were. The other support was a young girl I have personally never heard of till now. Her name was Rachel Chinouriri, but worth keeping an eye on this one – her voice was acoustically perfect and her song had beautiful meanings. I have linked all the acts from the night in this post.

Now, every good gig has to start with a good intro. So coming out to a live band playing local hero, possibly had to be one of the more culturally bang on decisions of the night. My head couldn’t decide if I was at a gig or ready to watch the match at St James Park.  I am not the best when it comes to describing a gig when it comes to understanding music I know how to strum a chord on a guitar and sing lyrics to more or less every song they would play in Gotham (RIP). All I know, that this gig was possibly one of the best I have been to in a very long time. If It wasn’t for the sheer love from the crowd, it was down to Sam Fender and his band put on a flipping brilliant performance. We got to hear a few well-known bangers, but a couple of mellow songs from the new album – which I cannot wait to come out, and if anything I appreciate the push back on the release date to get it perfect.

All in all, we had an utterly great night. What topped it for me, had to be dancing along to a couple of my favourite songs, surrounded by new and old friends, my family and the glorious sun setting over the priory. I can only apologies if you missed this, cause I am so hyped up for the December gigs to roll around know so I can relive this whole experience.

Thanks to Sam Fender and his Band for putting on a belta show – and to Mouth of the Tyne for possibly being one of the best festival venues in the UK.

Till next time.
Elle x


  1. Sounds like a tremendous night out. Fabulous setting for a gig!

    1. Have events there every year! Well worth the trip, fab setting for a concert.