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Ultimate Packing Guide | ELLEKATE

Hey Guys,

So in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a mini-series for you all about my holiday in Florida. Today I have the next post all here and gleaming for you all to read about…. PACKING! The worlds most hated – but needed activity. I know that this time I seriously struggled with packing, getting all the little bits and pieces together and just generally having a clue as to what on earth was going on. Being my first time going away long-haul and by myself (I mean I was with Dan but let’s face it the planning and organising of this entire trip were down to me) I knew the organisation was key.

Going through the whole process of packing and having everything ready to ship off and go was where this whole post idea came from, I am a bit of a pain in the bum for writing lists. Shopping, daily activities; you name it I have a list for it! This time around I put my list writing to the very test which I am going to share with you all today along with some top packing tips and tricks.

When it comes to making sure you have enough room you are going to have to ensure you have the correct travel equipment, which can normally cost a pretty penny. But, you have to remember these items are investment pieces these are what is essentially keeping all your personal possessions safe for 4..5..6 up to 24 hours! Personally, I have had my Jack Wills Ski Bag Suitcase for a little under 8 years now and each holiday its seen me through the crap of trying to fit all my purchases into it without having to sit on top jumping up and down to just close the buggering thing. Which is what brings me to my first tip…

  1. Get the CORRECT travel equipment – Buying a state of the art, duel action suitcase isn’t exactly always a go to and will often set you back an utter fortune, but neither is buying a nice one on the high street which has a nice rose gold star on the front, I can guarantee this will get returned to you covered in marks and no more sparkles! I would recommend heading to a mid-range store sale and grabbing up a bargain case which will see you through the next ten years give or take. Here are some links to ones I have seen online... TKMaxxTrippDebenhams.
  2. Putting clothes inside clothes – Now I am a girl. I fully understand that there are limits to how much you can RAM into your case before you snap and realise that taking your full wardrobe possibly wasn’t the best decision. In this case, I would recommend using some smart packing tips! Lying t-shirts all together then rolling them up in a ball, put socks, knickers and other smaller accessories inside of your shoes. No, you are smuggling just being space aware
  3. Remember to put your shoes inside of a bag! – You will thank me for this later and thought it might just seem a bit of a strange one, keeping your shoes separate by placing them inside of a recycled shopping bag will keep your clothes a bit fresher in scent and stop getting any marks from whatever you stood on that night in town after too many shots.
  4. Get a toiletry bag – Keep your toiletries separate and well-kept, not only does this offer a bit more smart storage but if your conditioner pops you aren’t gonna be crying over only having one bikini to wear for the rest of your trip. Now, I was gifted mine from the wonderful people at Ellis James Designs but what I am about to say is completely my own words. I am in love with this bag, you can fit full-size products into it, hand it from the back of your door and it looks beautiful whilst doing so. I have left a link HERE so you can go see the full collection. I would highly recommend this product if you are going away or even looking for a little bit of extra bathroom storage.
  5. Get yourself a list – Drum roll please, now it is time for the fun part. Below this, you will find a PDF printable sheet made by yours truly about getting yourself into the swing and on top of everything you need before jetting away this summer. Feel free to get this off your computer and keep it handy with you for your travels – even take it along with you for your trip so you can double check you have everything ahead of your trip home. Now I have made this to include important information for travelling to the states including ESTA – feel free to ignore these or replace it with any form of Visa or entry form of where it is you are travelling too
For today that is it from me, if you are still yet to have your holiday this year I am beyond jealous – have the best time in the sunshine but remember to stay safe! How’s about everyone leaves a comment in the section below as to where they will be jetting off to – or even travelling around the country to this summer. As always thanks for reading

Elle X 

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