Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Boiler-suit Brilliance | ELLEKATE

Morning guys!

Today we are talking about a fairly old trend now as far as trends go, and we are talking about Boiler-suits. I have been following items which relate to this trend for a while on many fast fashion pages especially just getting an idea of what's really cracking with this style. However, as much as I personally loved it, I could never find a one which was well flattering for my figure. If you didn't also know I currently work in Urban Outfitters, and we got a delivery of these silky dreams in just over a month ago and I. AM. OBSESSED.

Here it is, my amazing more silky styled boiler-suit and of course I got mine in black (shock). Currently this normally gets worn with this Topshop oversized denim jacket which has been cut into a crop and my platform converse. However, the best thing about these guys is you can seriously dress them up or dress them down, if I was to wear mine a bit more formal. I would have gone with a tailor styled jacket wether that be a blazer or an actual suit jacket (especially the leather ones which have been sold out every time I check on asos) and some heeled boots.

As for the old accessories on this one, I have been really playing around with how I style my hair, this is a new classic wearing it in a half up half down do. I am loving this bow scrunchies which is also from Urban and so are my earrings for anyone who was wondering. I didn't know if the mix of prints with the tortoise shell and the leopard would work, but hey I mean it looks good to me on this occasion, probably down to the colours.

Bit of a different post there for you all today, what's your favourite trend at the moment? let me know in the comment section below, and I'll catch you all later!


Photos by Katie Meehan

Elle x