Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Topshop Beauty Re-Launch! | ELLEKATE


Welcome back to the blog, today I am talking all about Topshop Beauty! The guys and gals from Topshop were kind enough to gift the following products, however, all thoughts are my own... we like honesty here at ElleKate. If you weren't aware they recently completely rebranded themselves with a whole re-lauch of the range, PLUS all products are now cruelty free wahooooo.

So how’s about we get straight on into it. We have a full ass range of products to discuss so I’ve been thinking just how on Earth I would manage to fit it all into just one post, so I’ve decided to talk about my top five products out of the range of things I have tried!

1. Concealer
Number ONE. Out of the products has to go to my favourite, and no joke I think I have a wee obsession with this one. I don’t know what magic has been worked on this product in particular and I know a load of people online agree with me on this one... the blend on this is super creamy and it’s easy to blend into all the foundations I have personally tried it with. But, the product also lasts on my face a hella long time, top trumps to this guy!

2. Glow Pot
If you are wanting a product to help give you a pop of shimmer then the glow pots are for you! They offer a great shine, and are pretty darn easy to apply. They come in a cream form in a pot, which isn’t the biggest, however, a little goes a long way! Normally I find with cream based highlights that they will lift the base of what I am wearing underneath completely, so far I’ve not had this issue at all. I’d recommend using it onto the highest point of your cheek bones or even on the base of your eye lid!

3. Gloss
Fancy a bit of a unique look? Well I personally have never been much of a lippy kinda gal! My soul intentions of getting this product in particular was to use it on top of my shadow for a glossy lid, and I’m so glad I branched out of my comfort zone to try it because it looks so unique but still stylish. The gloss itself also works amazing for it actual lip use as well, of course! So I should really try using a glossy lip sometime soon? What do you think, let me know in the comments below!

4. Embon Eyeshadow
This may sound like a silly think to say, but I struggle to be satisfied with what shades of brow I use in my looks... yes silly I know but, I am a perfectionist so even a slight shade will change a whole look and I’ve been blending this “Ebon” shade into my corners for the past few weeks now and I’m totally in love. Pigmentation is also incredible let me tell you that ladies and gents, helps a lot.

5. Sparkle Mist
90s glitter sprays were a highlight of my childhood and having them back has filled my heart with joy! Spraying this as a body shimmer on my arms as a going out look is so nostalgic, I love the effect it gives - plus with this product in particular they have crammed this bottle with plenty of glitter to last me till the summer months where I intend to have this stuff EVERYWHERE!

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What did you guys think of today’s post? Will you be trying out any of the Topshop range for yourself? Let me know in the comments section. Until next time 😘

Elle x