Monday, 16 July 2018

Revolucion De Cuba | Newcastle Blogger Event | ELLEKATE

Happy Monday Everyone,

Hope that you have all been having a brilliant week, Up in Newcastle, the sun has been shinning for the past two weeks and I have been living for it! Today, I have a review from a restaurant event myself and Dan went to on Sunday just gone and I have nothing but praise for the experience which we had.

If you are a local to Newcastle and remember a little well-known bar called Destiny... well you're going to be in shock (a GOOD one) over how much it has been changed by the new owners. Revolucion De Cuba recently opened its doors as a tapas/restaurant and late night bar, if you know me, you know your girl loves a nice late chill bar. On Sunday, we got invited along to the blogger event so after reading up so much about it I couldn't wait to go, bringing Dan along for his first ever event.

We began sitting in the restaurant area, listing to some live Latin music and drinking pineapple daiquiri at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not the worst way to spend the day. Afterward, we met with Chloe the wonderful lady behind planning the whole event and she gave us a full tour of the place. Including the downstairs which would be ideal for catching up with friends any time of the year, fun fact, this area was where destiny was back in the day and you can still see how it all use to fit together minus the sticky carpets.

Following seeing the downstairs area we went back upstairs to the very top floor, which happens to be a rooftop bar looking over the city. DREAM. Up here we got the full-on five-star treatment, no joke. We were greeted with yet more cocktails and a nice chill whilst we waited for them to set up the bar area, once they were ready we got a cocktail class, beating each other at making mojitos and getting to make a drink of our own choice. At this point, I swear I was already seeing stars haha.

After our mini cocktail making session we returned back to our little sitting area for a nice relax in the sunshine with our own made creations. Before we knew it a whole host of food was spread across the table for us to all enjoy, despite the lack of vegetarian options, the ones we did have which were a mushroom dish as far as I recall which I will try and find the name of, was absolutely sublime! Dan also mentioned that if you aren’t a vegetarian and love a bit of chicken that the curry was not to go amiss without trying!

If we didn’t think all of this luxury was enough for one afternoon, they brought us all a “small” gift before departing... a big ass bottle of Bacardi in a wooden box full of things we can use to create our own old-fashioned cocktails at home. Like if that’s a small... then I’m SHOOK!

We left and I haven’t stopped praising the place to everyone since and we plan on returning very soon!

Have you been to try out Revolucion De Cuba? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below, prepare for far too many photos...

Elle xx