Thursday, 21 June 2018

Great Exhibition of the North | #GetNorth2018 | ELLEKATE

Happy Thursday!

Today, let's talk about the beginning of the Great Exhibition of the North which officially starts tomorrow - Yippee! So, if you haven't heard about what the event is all about, well it's a 90-day festival which will begin on Friday (22nd June) coming to an end on the 9th September. Government funded, cities from all around the North of England placed their bids to be the host city. But Newcastle and Gateshead were victorious!

Various events shall be taking place throughout the time of the festival, including a huge 'Angel of the North Fountain' being placed in front of the Sage music hall. For the event, there will be three starting points, Sage Gateshead, Great North Museum and the Baltic, which is where we headed to the other afternoon.

You may be thinking ... eh, the festival hasn't even started yet. Well, being right on the doorstep from Dan's flat, we thought it would be nice to go and get a sneak peak over what has already been set up before its even began. Every Tuesday, the gallery has its change over days when there's a new expo coming to town, and outside of the Baltic was a buzz of workmen and women getting ready for the kick-off date on Friday. Even inside of the gallery seems to have a bit of a facelift, having a whole new refurbishment to the store and TV screens being placed along the main walkway.

All of the other rooms were closed off to the public whilst they got everything ready, however, the top and bottom rooms were ready for the public and that's where we decided to head. Upon the top floor (the biggest space in the gallery) has a sense of pride, mixing culture and history of the Northeast, with our future. A big dome in the centre of the room made entirely out of triangles, triangles made from fabrics, metals, plastics all created right here on our doorstep. Blown up images across the walls taken from the nightlife of the past was another important feature which grabbed our attention. As much as I would love to go into depth about what each section was about, that my friends were just a little taste test, you'll have to visit yourselves to see what the room was all about.

Personally, I cannot WAIT for this event to start, I am proud to be from the North East and everything that the region has to hold. I will be talking about all the events I get chance to visit, and even the trails made from the host sites. So stay tuned for all of that.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the Baltic, just one question for you all today, whos planning on going to the festival?

Elle Kate X

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