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Evening all,
Not even far into April, and once again, I have been on another trip. Not even sorry. This time it was a short and sweet night away to Manchester. As you will know if you follow my other social media platforms, if not links are on the right-hand side and to the bottom of this post. But yes, we went to Manchester for a very good reason. That being, after 10 years of loving Fall Out Boy, as part of my 21st Birthday present my mum organized a trip down for me so I may finally see them. So I have to say before I get into this post. Thank you very much to my wonderful mum for organizing this trip right down to the travel and hotel, and to my uncle for getting us into the concert.

We set off early on Thursday morning, getting the National Express bus down to Manchester. I haven't got the National Express service before, only the Megabus, since travelling doesn't really phase me. However, I must note that this was a far more pleasant experience. We arrived at around one and just took a nice stroll along to the hotel since it was just around the corner.

Our hotel was called the Cow Hollow hotel, a recently opened hotel on Newton Street in the Northern Quarter. We would highly recommend staying at this hotel, and I am a tough cookie to please. From the second we arrived we felt so welcomed, the hotel has been built within an old textiles mill, it reminds me of a townhouse to be honest. When you first enter the lobby, it has these beautiful big stairs which double up as seats for the bar area. We checked in when you check in you're asked to leave a £100 deposit just in case you have any damages, room services etc. Just in case you weren't aware of that before you booked. We were shown up to our room, which was number nine and given our little oldy worldie key to open it up. If you aren't a fan of small spaces, then to be totally honest this hotel will not be for you as it 'cosy' if I was to use a word to describe it. However, this is something which I am a fan of. Our bed was like a cloud just so big it took up most of the room, and I  could have taken a nap right there and then but the city was calling. Our bathroom was something I would only dream about, with the big open shower. Highlight to all beauty lovers, the mirror was something of dreams which lights up when it detects motion, also for your stay they supply, hairdryer, straighteners and hair curlers (thank GOD, because I had forgotten mine). Quick other highlights about the hotel before I move onto our night in Manchester. Tv has Netflix, Our room decor was simply beautiful and they had a whole list of free things you had throughout your stay in which I have left a picture of below.

Now onto Manchester.

Stupidly, Daniel had forgotten to get his haircut back home. So our first hour in Manchester we had to search around for a place where he could get it done. The first place looked perfect the salon was minimal, plus they had a beautiful little pooch. Sadly, they were fully booked for a week in advance. So four salons later, we found a place which could fit him in an hour. Whilst we waited, we pondered into the Arndale centre, to grab some lunch. I think I slightly regret telling Dan that Manchester had a  Taco Bell since he made a b-line straight towards the place. Only thing I could have was a burrito filled with refried beans, not to complain it filled me but it was nothing special. Taco Bell you let me down. Before we could go and get something to drink, it was already time to return to the Salon, I personally wasn't thinking that after trying so many places that this wouldn't be the best place to get a haircut, but oh my I was wrong. With Dan looking less like a 12-year-old boy we dashed off back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

Now, I don't think I can express enough how much Fall Out Boy mean to me without sounding like a crazed 12-year-old fan. I'd probably cry like I did a million times throughout the concert itself. But we had such an amazing view of the stage since we arrived even before the first support act. Simply being that close to the band and just hearing all my favourite songs LIVE, I just cannot explain how there could be a better experience than that. I have placed some pictures below of the gig itself, but apologies, I didn't take my camera and I was enjoying jumping around haha.

After a good night out in Manchester, we woke up in the hotel and brought breakfast in bed! (this hotel man) We got a coffee, granola, a pastry, apple juice, basically everything my hangover needed to prep me for a day of shopping. Sadly, we checked out of the hotel and headed out to the Trafford Center. If you didn't know how to get to the Trafford Center, simply head over to Piccadilly which is where you'll find the bus service that goes from the city centre to Trafford in under 30 minutes. Since its still a while away until student finance goes in, I wasn't in the right funds to be purchasing much which was so so so hard, because there were so many nice clothes. So I settled for a pastel pink Adidas jumper from Topshop which I LOVE. We continued window shopping for some time around the shopping centre if you've never been to Trafford before you'll not understand the scale of how big and beautiful the place is until you see it. Decorated as if it was a part of the renaissance!

With our time in Manchester growing short, we headed back to the city centre for a meal before heading to the bus station. My personal goal was to return to V-Rev, a vegan restaurant which I had visited the last time I was in Manchester, but just our luck it was fully booked for the full afternoon. Luckily, around the area was a lot of restaurants I had heard good things about, so we headed further down the street to Home Sweet Home. OMG, the cakes there looked unbelievable but I restrained myself from getting one and went with a Milkshake with Avo on Toast. Which was amazing, but I do wish now looking back that I had just broken the diet and tried a slice of Red Velvet.

Thus, comes an end to our time in Manchester, after we had eaten it was time to go collect our bags and head to the bus station for the journey home (which we spent most of playing random app games). I hope that you all enjoyed this post, these travel post which I have been doing recently it has been fun to not just sit on my bum and write from home but from some pretty cool places.

Thanks for reading!

Elle x

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  1. Sounds like a top weekend. I'm currently thinking about getting down to Manchester to visit the city's football museum, so will check out the hotel you mention!