Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Beast From The East | ELLEKATE

Well! It has been a cold one up north this past week, in fact, I cannot recall seeing that much snowfall since I was about 10. Being the child that I am, I found it nothing but nostalgic. It brought back memories from the first smartphone I ever had back in the day, an HTC Wildfire, which I would sit and stare at the tiny screen begging for the weather forecast to change to deep snow so that the school would close and call it a snow day.
So sitting in the house playing stupid amounts of Xbox, drinking tea and watching whatever movie that was on the TV was what I would describe as my perfect snow day.
But when it was time to face the weather, nothing worked better than my big north face puffer jacket, thermals, and some moon boots.

Just a short and sweet post for you all today I have linked similar things to what I am wearing below to help recreate anything in this outfit.

One question, what is your dream snow day?


Thanks for reading,
Elle x 


  1. I actually went out and did a snow angel. Couldn’t resist having a snowball fight.

    Saba |

    1. I couldn't help but go out and make a snow man I have to admit!

  2. I couldn't get the snow to stick when I tried to make a snowman.

    1. ah thats a shame! Snow was perfect for building with up here