Friday, 9 March 2018

24 Hours In London | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Happy Friday!

A few short weeks ago, I and my good chummy Charlie decided to take a trip down to London so he could attend a pretty darn important interview. Originally I had planned to write a post on my trip down there and everything which I got up too whilst I pondered around the city, however, I thought that people might appreciate a little photo diary of everything which I got up to whilst I was down there.

So enjoy this mini photo series of me having a blissful trip down in the big smog. 

Apologies for the more shorter styled posts as of recent, I promise that I still do enjoy the writing aspect of the blog. I have a couple of posts that have more of a discussion involved coming over the next few weeks, I wanted to try out this new style to just see how well it worked with you guys. If you want to give me any feedback on how you feel about this style of post, leave me a comment below or if you want to send me a personal message contact me through my Instagram direct messages.

Thanks for reading,

Elle X

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