Monday, 26 February 2018

Lush Haul | ELLEKATE

Christmas now feels more of a distant memory, do not worry. I have a post that might bring a little bit of spirit back into your hearts. As most of you reading this are probably well aware, to mark the end of the Christmas sales, LUSH sell off all of their holiday seasons items for half price.
(screams with joy)
Each year, I have walked past the Newcastle store usually popping in and treating myself to one of the Snow Fairy shower gels, my all-time favourite Lush product. This time, I took that rather a bit further than in previous years.

You may be thinking to yourself right now, why it has taken me this much time to release this post if it's been so long since I purchased them. Actually, I wanted to ensure I had tried out each of the products before bringing this post to you all so I can bring my personal thoughts along as well.

Here we have a pile of the scrumptious bombs themselves! I've always been a hype woman for Lush, I love the message that they share and the products that they create. So even looking back at this picture of all these bombs just melts my heart, so let's start with talking about them!

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb
Normally I don't write things in order, however, today I am starting with my favourite of the bunch. On an average trip to Lush, I will make a b-line towards the bubble bars, living with sensitive skin they are my ideal addition to bubbles and fantastic smell. Now, this jelly bomb had gone straight to the top of my recommendations list. Yes, the smell that comes from Snow Fairy cannot be argued with, but besides the beautiful aroma, it fills my bathroom with I am officially won over by the jelly in these bombs. At first, I thought that it might turn my bath into one of those Jello baths from back in the day! But, the mini bits of jelly that come out on top of the bath makes your skin so so soft, it's heavenly. I thought I would give that one a nice shout-out since it was my favourite of the lot purchasing three wasn't enough.

Shoot For The Stars
A few years ago, I remember trying out the original version of this bath bomb a few years ago! As nice as it was, I wouldn't be using it again. But, I thought since it had a revamp I'd give this new one another shot. I'm glad I did, It was like getting into a twilight pool, of sweet orange heaven. Favourite part of this one, in particular, was the cocoa butter glittery stars which added a touch of oil to the bubbles leaving my skin really soft!

Golden Wonder
I wasn't very aware of this particular item, then Zoe Sugg received that totally mahoosive one just before Christmas in one of her PO box videos... from that... of course... I needed to try one of these for myself. Unfortunately, it's not the king sized on like in Zoella video, but the original did the job quite nicely. I am being honest in this post, the smell was not one I would class as my favourite, but everyone has a different idea of what they prefer when it comes to such things as that! But the glitter oh my GOSH, I could have bathed in it each and every morning and showed up as a giant golden glittery goddess. Sadly, that wasn't the case as I used it on a Friday night, but moving on from that. I will be getting another few these next year.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
I believe I mentioned earlier about my past Lush obsession, making a b-line straight towards the Bubble Bars. Though I am glad to have branched out and purchased a few of the bath bombs, I will never stop loving the Bubble Bar collections. Especially, when they smell like Snow Fairy. Now ill talk about this a bit later when I discuss the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, but Snow Fair, will forever (EVER) be my favourite smell ever created. So this product was naturally a favourite. But, one thing I have to mention I would highly suggest you use these products if you are of highly sensitive skin like myself, they aren't as harsh and leave the skin lightly moisturised whilst adding a whole bunch of bubbly goodness to fill up your tub. In an essence, who could say no?

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar
Now, I only have one product which left me a bit... Eh? And this was the sparkle jar. Granted, I did grab it whilst waiting in the 30-minute long queue towards the till. I thought it might have been one of Lush's new package-less shower gels. Following some google searches on the matter, I discovered that it was a Sparkle Jar. Now, the meaning of this jar is to spike through the two little dints at the top of the product and apply the shimmer over the surface of your skin. Amazing idea for a night out, right? So I have enjoyed using it in that sense. After the product has been used you can use the container as an all over balm for the skin, which I haven't gotten around to using at this current moment in time. Honestly, for the time being, I am using the container as a sort of nice smell for my room as if you have ever smelt this particular Sparkle Jar it has a hint of a white chocolate scent to it, which is to die for. However, this product even though I have loved its one time use, I wouldn't be purchasing it a second time. Unless I learn I have been using it totally wrong and need to give it a second chance.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar
Back at it again with the Bubble Bars. Now with this particular product, It is the only one in the collection that wasn't from Christmas I believe it was still from Halloween. But it was in the offer and with that golden shimmy goodness, I couldn't say no to it! Again with all the Bubble Bars from Lush,  it filled my bath with a whole bunch of bubbles, the key to my heart. It also filled my bathroom with this wonderful, but strange and hard to describe the scent. Personally, with this particular bar, I used half one night and the other half on another occasion. It wasn't my personal favourite of the bunch as I prefer a sweetly-scented product. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it I would purchase it again, but I did prefer some of the other products.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Finally, and not least and for this product I am only going to say one thing about... just please purchase it... you'll thank me later.

Thanks for reading this post, see you all next time.

Elle-Kate X


  1. Lush products are the best! Love the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

    Hayley x

    1. Has to be one of my favourites, thank you for the comment my dear!

      Elle-Kate X