Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Time To Close This Chapter | ELLEKATE

It began with dreams, high hopes.
Daily I would be reminding myself that I should allow to take each day as it comes, not just overthinking what had already came to be. But, as the days would go by for some bizarre reason I found it getting worse. Come summer I thought I had hit a high, but let's just say I may as well had taken one step forward and ten back.
As much as I would love to sit here, getting into full depth over how my life came to end me deciding not to celebrate the ending of 2017; but that's not something I don't think I could be emotionally ready to even comprehend talking about.

Instead, I want to use this platform to discuss nothing but positivity, which even though I cant turn around the hands of time and relive a better more experienced year. I wouldn't have been the same person, I feel as if I care more about loved ones around me, am more mature than I was at the beginning and managed to pull myself out of a pretty upsetting breakup, so reflecting on all this and moving forward I want to look back at the 'highlights' of this year.

Skipping past the first couple of months, I was able to attend Graduate Fashion Week for a glimpse into my future and hopefully come June I shall be showcasing my final year project work. Not only will this be the opening of many doors, but I'm excited to be able to pull all of my work into one collection and be proud of what I have accomplished. Being down there was a big eye opener over what standard level my work would have to reach to shine to what was already there - and trust me the bars are high.

Following my return from London, I discovered that I had been awarded a 2:1 out of my second year of University. After failing my first year, this was a big achievement for myself, I fully understand that I still have a long way to go, this landmark helped me realise I can achieve this grade overall if I simply put my mind to it.

A personal achievement came at the start of the summer season, I read a book. I understand that to most, this might make me sound rather uncultured or ill-educated to say 'I read a book' at the age of 20 years old. When I was younger I was always, always, in the lowest reading sets and for this, I was often taken out of classes for support with these issues. However, it never occurred to any of my educators until college, that this was down to me being dyslexic. Because of this I always viewed the past of reading as a tricky slope for myself, I didn't want to give it another shot. With a good three months off during the summer, this all changed, I walked into Waterstones and I picked up two books 'An Abundance of Katherines' and 'A Handmaid's Tale' ... I had read both within the month. So without going to much more into it, since then I have managed to have read a whole bunch of inspirational non-fiction and fiction books. I was toying with the idea of sharing my thoughts on the blog of how I felt about these books monthly within a monthly feature if this is something you enjoy the sound of leaving it in the comment section below.

Summer, was a haze if I'm honest, a wonderful haze. I met a whole bunch of new and wonderful individuals, whist growing closer than ever to lifelong / university friends. We had a blast on nights on the town, going for coffees and simply rediscovering this feeling of being young and living life to the absolute fullest, keeping each day as a party, I can happily say if someone was to tell me my days of being a young adult were over tomorrow, I would welcome it with open arms as I can say that I have an abundance of memories to look back over, and a whole load more to add over the duration of 2018.

At the end of the summer, my family and I travelled down to the bottom of the country for a holiday in Falmouth, Cornwall. I had a small series (which I did have a bunch more drafted posts about saved that I came across last week) running which was about our trip, including friends fest (which I am now watching thanks to it being available on Netflix), Eden Project, Seal Sanctuary and a whole bunch more. It wasn't all a happy time, due to personal issues, but we have been talking about potentially returning down to the bottom of the country soon as it was fab to finally have a holiday with Bubba our dog.

The BIGGEST blogging milestone I have ever received came in September when Next offered me the experience to come back down to London, for an afternoon filled with cocktails, afternoon tea and talks from some of the most inspirational youtube/ bloggers around. I shall not go too much into the experience on here, but if you would like to see what we got up to, please click the link below and it will take you to the post I wrote about the whole experience.

Closing off this post before it becomes more of an essay rather than a reflection blog post, I shall end with the biggest achievement of the year that I learnt just a short while back, this little blog of mine hit 85,000 views before the new year. I was and still am just in shock that someone like myself who just has a real passion for wanting to discuss and talk through these posts on the blogger platform, has such a vast span of people who would have the time of day to click upon and view what I have to say. It's beyond my own thoughts and comprehension, so thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart it means so much, I cannot wait for what this year has instore for me. One day in and I've already had a real positive look at what will be happening. I have written a short new year resolution ideas in the back of my diary, the one that I will share with you all today is by the time I turn 21 in April, I would have liked that 85k views to become 100k, shall we see if we can achieve that next milestone?  If you want me to write a full post on the rest of the resolutions I have written for 2018, let me know in the comment section below.

Also, side note all of the photos from this post were taken by my talented friend Fraser, whos links I have left below so you can go enjoy his amazing aesthetically pleasing Instagram.

Happy New Year, to all my beautiful readers. Thank you for everything you have done for me and kept my head above the water. X

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