Friday, 24 November 2017

Hadrians Tipi Returns | ELLEKATE

It's offically the most wonderful time of the year,
Which means, the toons in full christmas swing. With the opening of the christmas markets the other week and all of course the iconic fenwicks window being unvailed. It was time to go for a nice festive drink, which is exactly what me and vic decided to do!
Unlike last year, the tipi has been moved to a larger location and expanded to host a small christmas market full of festive foodie treats, more I shall get onto later.
I couldnt possibly rate our experience more if I am being totally honest - wether this was down to the fact we had previously had a few cheeky drinks or not.
We started with a few cocktails from the 'Quaff box', which was an genius idea if I ever saw one, essentially they have converted an old horse box into a mobile cocktail bar, where they have cocktails... ON TAP! yes you heard me correctly, on blooming well tap! (If I couldnt sell that to you any better, there 2 for £10) .. id highly recommend the festive punch!
Now slightly more tipsy, after a short sit near the fire inside the main tipi, we decided to go have a look at some of the other stalls and came across R Place, here we met one of the wonderful owners Rachel who talked to us about her and fellow photographer Emily, opening this venture into creating a rock take on the traditional coffee stop, they recently even got there own Buzzfeed article which is insane!! I went back when I wasnt as intoxicated and got myself a Waggon Wheel Latte, and honestly  you have to try one for yourself, tastes exactly what I would imagine a hybrib Waggon Wheel + Latte baby would taste like......
Anyways, I shall be returning to purchase one of there sick 'Death before decaf' t-shirts and try one of these iconic Unicorn Hot Chocolates. Of course I shall be linking the social media for both 'R Place' 'Quaff Box' below.
So this ended our venture to the tipi, for now, I want to return with an empty stomach to test out all of the amazing foodie options, I have recently learnt that they have since expanded the size of the space which means more food for moi!
Until next time guys, apologies I havent been as active in recent weeks, this is my final year at university and im giving it 110% however I do have some exciting things coming up.

Elle X



*Update - This morning, me and vic couldnt help but return back to the extended site to go and grab a before lecutre, unicorn hot chocolate! I couldnt recommend these more, was a childhood beverage in a cup topped with plenty sprinkles!