Tuesday, 17 October 2017

ZAAP Thai Food | Review | ELLEKATE

Thai'm for a new review!

This week, We went over to one of the latest additions to the restaurant scene in Newcastle - Zaap Thai! Aesthetically you are transported to a Bangkok street food market, complete with glowing street signs hanging above you and even Tuk Tuks. Whilst we were having a glace over the menu, we decided to try out a couple of the cocktails which they had on offer and for us, it had to be 'Pucket on the Beach' simply for the amazing use of wordplay! But, I'm so glad this was the drink of choice because I think Leanne will agree these were fantastic - Blue Curacao, Malibu, Pineapple, and Lime!

At first glance of the menu, being a Vegetarian I was concerned that there wouldn't be many options for me to have! However, our kind waiter did inform us that most of the main menu dishes can be made to be vegetarian all I had to do was ask. For starters Leanne went for 'Hakao - Chinese Steamed Prawn Dumplings', we also shared a 'Bangkok Veggie Platter' which included a small sample of all the vegetarian starters the restaurant had on offer, Corn Cakes, Vegetable Gyoza, Mixed Vegetable Spring Rolls, Golden Tofu, and Edamame. Personal thoughts on this dish were that the Gyoza and Spring Rolls, were lovely however they were a tad and dense for my liking. As for the Corn Cakes - they were beautiful! Nothing more to comment, I just know I want a full plate of them when I return.

Moving onto the main course, the selection that Zaap has on offer ... the selection is endless! We both actually went for 'Pad Thai Bo Ran' which has always been one of my favorite Asian dishes. Myself choosing the Veggie option, and Leanne going for the Prawn option! I wanted so badly to be able to finish off my plate of wonderful food, however, I was simply just far to full from the platter to begin thinking about this! As a little personal touch I would like to add to the theming of the restaurant being in a Bangkok street, was the various floral print plates that the dishes were brought out on reminding me to those my grandma would bring out our beans on toast on.

Finishing with my favorite dish of the entire meal, our dessert! Now when I was looking over the dessert menu, I was kinda taken back over some of the strange combinations over what there was on offer. Now thankfully, for me I had brought along Leanne and she was able to tell me what I would have wanted! With her advice, I went for the Custard Filled Pancake. O.M.G it was incredible. But when it first came out.... it was green. I cannot quite remember the name of the fruit extract that this was which caused this, but according to Li, its essentially a form of vanilla which is added to get a sweet taste to the pudding! I could have finished off this dish over and over, but I was physically just far to full.

Overall, I would highly recommend taking a trip to ZAAP. From the great customer service to the decent prices for some comforting food. I know I will be going back soon. Have you been to visit ZAAP Thai yet? Thinking of visiting after reading this review? Leave it in the comment sections below.

Thanks for reading guys! X

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