Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Something from IT | ELLEKATE

Blissfully, my favorite time of the year, from the warming colours, wrapping yourself up in big warm blankets and going for long walks. There is just something about it! 
The other week, my girl Jess was home for a few days back from Leeds, and what would an occasion that we see each other be spent any better than going for a mini photoshoot. So that is exactly what we did! 

Back when I was down in Cornwall, was when I found this little jacket of mine from a small sailors shop. From the brand 'Mousqueton Bretagne', based in France. Not only does it look nice, it's so practical, there are pockets hidden everywhere, it's completely waterproof and if you get too warm then you can zip up the sides to let that breeze in. 

We decided that we would head for a little woodland walk in a nearby park, then head over to the beach for that last glimpse of the sea before it physically gets just too cold to even step foot on the sand. It wasn't until we got halfway through the shoot that we realized that I essentially looked like the child from IT, perfect for the time of year, however, I cannot say that I would like to share a similar experience! 

As always I have included Jess's links to her photography page below and I hope that you all enjoyed this post! 

Let me know what you are dressing up as this Halloween! I cannot wait! 

Elle X


  1. Haha yes that's so awesome! You can be Georgie from IT, I just finished the book this week and saw the movie, that's a great costume. You look gorgeous in these photos, the photography is really incredible. Autumn is my favorite time of year too, we don't have beaches like these but we have forests and so many forests which is lovely :)

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you! I have always been too afraid of the books, but do enjoy the Georgie inspired look.
      Thank you for reading ! x