Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Next Blogger Event 2017 | ELLEKATE

Happy Tuesday,

Hope you all had a great weekend? On Friday, I went down to London to attend the Next Blogger Network Event. Personally, this was my first ever blogging event, I've always wanted to push myself outside of my own comfort zone and officially attend one of these! So I finally did it, I got a train ticket, headed down to London and I'm super glad that I did.

Upon arriving at the Ace Hotel room 100 I was instantly just in love with the whole aesthetic to the place, I would highly recommend viewing it if you are wanting to host your own event. Being the first to arrive I was a little bit apprehensive of what to expect, but the hosts were so welcoming a friendly as I was offered a glass of prosecco, and had a little run down of how the event would be going down! Another bonus to being first there was having dibs on being the first in to get my nails done by the talented girls from WAH Nails, I opted to have my nails done with a white vanish and ring fingers painted with a marble effect. (Honestly, I cannot stop staring at them).

Our first talk was by Monica Welburn editor of The Elgin Avenue, who showed us how we can up our #InstaGame! Previous advice that I have received about growing an Instagram community has been somewhat helpful, but Monica's advice was incredible! She talked to us about creating the perfect flatlay, personal advice on becoming a full-time blogger and just helping us see our accounts from a more personal perspective! Also, I had the opportunity to go up and pick her brain about layouts etc, and to steal her phone charger, as we got talking we found out her dad is from the same town which I live in, such a small world! I have included the flatlay which I created following her advice in the pictures below, all of the items featured are from Next.

After helping ourselves to some more drinks, having a look at some preview collections for Next, and also enjoying a beautiful buffet style afternoon tea complete with crumbly scones + clotted cream; We had the main event, a panel about blogging from the wonderful Naomi Smart, Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit and Chloe Digital. Thanks to the space, we had a real personal talk, getting the best advice from the girls about moving forward in this community and talking about their own experiences from the past - a good laugh as well!

After we had finished our talk, we all got to just have a chill around the venue - have some more cocktails and watch the sunset over the skyline of the city. Following the food we had previously I could feel my heart flutter as they began to bring trays of tapas out for us all they had a selection of bangers & mash, fish & chips and my personal favourite / the only thing I could have (veggy issues) which was a risotto... hand on heart was the best one I've ever had, I kept going back to get more. Following all this, it was finally time to leave the venue and rush for my train back up to Newcastle! It was a sad farewell, yet the goody bag filled with wonderful delights - including a circle side bag, personalized notebook, tassel earrings and makeup all helped make me feel slightly better.

Would just like to take this opportunity to thank Next for hosting this event, having the chance to meet fellow bloggers and step outside of my comfort zone was fantastic. Hope you all enjoy viewing the pictures of the event below - Have you ever attended a blogging event? What do you think of Next latest collections?
Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading and hope you all have a fabulous week.

Ellie x

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