Monday, 25 September 2017

Heidi & Co | Libby May Stars Necklace | ELLE KATE

Jewellery, Precious meaningful items that you wear upon your body for the whole world to see. Sometimes they have deep connections to who you are, other times they are simply just a fashion statement you have to spice up your wardrobe. For me, I am both. Sometimes you'll find me sporting a pair of huge golden heart hoops. But 9/10 ill be wearing my rings. Each have a deep connection to myself, from close friends and family member as gifts. A lot of my close contacts know just how much these mean to me. One example just the other week, (rather intoxicated) I had my friends follow me back to every single bar in Newcastle just because one of them had gone 'missing' ... It was found in my bag the next morning. 

Some may know that some time ago, from my social media that I became a brand ambassador for a company called Libby May London. Knowing my love of all things jewellery, I had to be apart of this growing company. Libby May is part of the Heidi & Co Company and this is no words being put into my mouth here, they are an amazing company to part of! Working under three separate labels Smeidi, Libby May and Evy B which were all set up by Heidi Martin, who sadly after losing her brother to blood cancer set up the NATSIRT fund, an organisation working towards the fight against blood cancer and supporting those sadly affected by the illness by directing 10% of all profits into the donation fund. 

To me having something like an item of jewellery with a deep, impactful background as that is just incredible, as you can tell I'm rather proud of being part of it all. So when I saw this beautiful necklace the other month I just knew I had to add it to my ever growing collection. I have a love for anything dainty, plus the stars sort of mimic my own star sign of Aries. Each star has a small cluster of gems within and I have loved wearing this both on nights out and day to day. I thought rather than leaving you with just some images of this beautiful charm that I would show you how I have been styling it. So I have been enjoying wearing this necklace with my Topshop Embroidered Dungaree Dress, which I normally just layer with a black long or short sleeve tee. As for Libby May and the rest of the Heidi & co brand, I have left all links below to social media pages and the website itself. 

Until next time my lovelies, 
Elle x