Thursday, 31 August 2017

Blank Canvas Cosmetics | Product Review | ELLEKATE

Normally I would like to include items into non-exclusive posts, something which would be more of a unique and interesting read. However, a bit of a change of hand today as I have honestly fallen in love with how well these makeup brushes work.
So these two were kindly sent to me from the beauties at Blank Canvas Costmetics. They sent two types of face brushes out of there 'Dimension Series' the F06 (Metallic Gold Brush) helping keep my Contour on fleek. The other, still from the Dimension Series, is the F08 Brush (Metallic Rose Gold) which is a Dome Buffing Brush. psstt, you can also select via the website which colour you would like your brush to be, which I thinks such a wonderful touch.
I haven't even owned these two brushes much longer than a week, and I have been blown away by the overall quality of them, from the soft fabric used and the look of the product. But also how they work. For the past year or so I have been keeping it same old by using my Blending Sponge from Models Own. Which yes, this is another product I would recommend, however, this has been a nice change to my daily makeup routine.
Of course, I have to include my favourite thing about this product is that all of Blank Canvas products are in fact cruelty-free! YEY! So you can buff on your foundation knowing that no little fluffies were harmed in the manufacturing process of this product.

Below I have included some links to the website for the brand and also the link of their stockists. Be sure that you go and check them out and again, thank you to Blank Canvas for sending me over some of their products to test out, I shall be purchasing more.

Love, Elle X

Dimension Series Hamper 
F06 Bevelled Foundation/Contour Brush
F08 Dome Buffing Brush
Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Monday, 28 August 2017

Finnnaallly here | The Cornwall Diaries | ELLEKATE

After two days of travelling, we have finally arrived in Cornwall.
Well, we shall be staying in the beautiful bay of Falmouth for the next several days and we have lots of plans whilst we are down here. Best to have it all crammed into the next week because I don't believe I could handle that drive for a very long time. (except to get home of course).
So. After waking up this morning in the beautiful Bull Inn which was close to Oxford, it was time for the drive down. I took some last minute pictures of the hotel before we left and obviously had some food as well. They put on a lovely rustic styled breakfast as you can see in the pictures below.

However, that didn't help make up for the 5-hour drive down to the foot of the country thanks to a mass amount of bank holiday weekend traffic. Apologies again, because I already have another complaint here. So we have arrived at the place which my mum had hired us out for the week. A beautiful little beach cottage that over looks the bay. For the first five minutes in the apartment I was just in love with the place, then all good things come to an end. My dad went off to find the parking bay someways down the road whist we all got settled in, space had a permit which was given to us by the home owner. Yet, when he got there space could barley fit the front of the car through it never mind allow him to get out of the car at all. When we got up back into the apartment, my mum thought that it would be best to get in contact with the owner, who simply told us there was nothing he could do..... hmmm (sounds like a strange soul to me).

But, we won't allow it to ruin our time in this beautiful little town. Off out for some food now and then an early night before tomorrows activities.

For now,

Thanks for reading,

Elle X

Saturday, 26 August 2017

FRIENDS FEST | The Cornwall Diaries | ELLEKATE

Today finally meant a holiday, the last time I went on a trip away was over a year ago so you can probably tell that it has been LONG overdue. We didn't end up leaving the house until about 12 o'clock, which was rather late to leave the toon seeing as we had to be in Oxford by 5 at the latest. But after a very rocky car journey, and a not so happy pooch. We made it to Blenheim Palace just in time to experience Friends Fest, which is currently travelling around the country in celebration of everything F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 
In all honesty, if I was to sit here and try to explain to you the whole experience of the event two things would happen; one, I would potentially ruin it for you and two, we would be sat here all god damn day. 
In an essence it was an amazing experience, when we first arrived we were a little bit lost. With frankly no signage as to where it was, and the staff at the palace not having a clue what we were on about it took a good 25-30 mins off running around the grounds like headless chickens trying to locate the thing, then arriving and having a rather 'rude' let's say, ticket man on the door I was a bit unsure what to really expect. HOWEVER, all of these thoughts were put to the back of my mind when we walking into the festival and having Central Perk looming over us with happy smiling faces walking away with cups of coffee in hand. 
We got to experience, Central Perk and have our photos taken around the sets around that area, followed by having a coffee, Have photo opportunities with the Vegas backdrop, Pheobies Taxi and of course recreating the classic umbrella title sequence. But all of you attending Leeds fest this weekend can't say that now can you. (I actually that is a fat lie because I would give my right arm to be dancing along with you all to Glass Animals right now). 
After an hour of so running around, and eatting out of the friends themed food trucks, it was our turn to go into the main set area. We got into que expecting that the first thing that we would just be seeing the apartments, yet, to my suprise the frist room was choooccka full of original props from the TV phemonmeon, including items such as Pat the dog, Pheobes guitar, Ross's Leather Trousers and even the rejected gold bracelets that Joey brings Chandler. 
Intererestingly, our tour guide was telling us that there's only three people on the tour that have the training given by Warner Bros to touch and handel these prize possesions. 
After watching a short film we got taken through to the set, they got the recreation almost perfect to what you would see from the show. Super fan no.1 also known as my sister did manage to point out a few corrections needed to be made, but to me it was the closest to the actual thing as I will ever get. Inside the tour we got to experience both the apartements and the hallway. If you want to see what we got upto jsut go and check out the pictures I have left at the bottom of this post. 
After leaving friends fest at 8o'clock, and the remaining drive of 5 hours going down to Falmouth, my mum decided it would be best to book into a near by hotel. ooooh mmmyyy gosh oh golly, I am so glad that she did, beacause I just took a bath in the most incredible dream tub. Those who know me well know I love a good bath at any hour of the day and that was exactly what I needed. 

So that wraps up day of our trip. Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures down to the Coast. 

Elle X