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Anatomicals Product Review | ELLEKATE

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If you all follow my social media platforms you will be well aware of my recent delivery from the wonderful Anatomicals. The brand was ever so kind to have sent over three of their products for me to try out for myself and let you all know my thoughts. A couple of weeks on, and I can happily say that these are well worth a purchase, not only on quality but on price. All of these thoughts are my own, I haven’t been asked to say any of this on behalf of the brand but I felt as if this was a one worth sharing.

Another wonderful bonus with Anatomicals are, all of the products are NOT tested on animals. 

1. For a change I am going to start off with my favourite product of the bunch, this without fail had to go to the ‘We Never Forget A Face Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser' down the fact of the results that I have seen in the quality, and glow of my skin over the past few weeks! Not only has this helped with reducing break-outs but I have even seen an improvement when applying makeup. Not only myself but now even my friends have started to click on just what kind of effect the addition of a good face moisturiser has done to my complexion. I shall definitely be repurchasing a bottle of this… if it ever runs out that is, due to a little drop going such a long way. Retailing at £7.50 if you are to only take one thing away from this post I would highly recommend this! 

2. I hold my hands up with this one, I have never been a big fan of using soaps. I have often gone towards grabbing liquid forms such as shower gel, but gosh, the smell of this is too incredible to resist. I cannot really work out if there is much improvement from using a liquid form of this one, however, I smell incredible after using this so who really cares… but unfortunately out of all of the others that I was able to find off the anatomical's website, I could not seem to locate this one anywhere! 

3. I am one of those. I enjoy carrying around a good hand cream or lip balm where ever I may go, previously to being sent this package from Anatomicals I was in fact on the search for a new cream for the bag. But I was rather sick by how quickly I would run out of my previous Body Shop hand cream regardless of how much I loved it. So when this 'help the paw vitamin rich hand cream' arrived, and I seen the size of the thing my jaw almost hit the floor (lol not really, but still) it's very similar in its moisturisation properties as the Body shop one which I really enjoy, and for £5 who’s really in the wrong ? 

There we have it. A wonderful little sum up of these new products for you all to go and get your hands on! Like I said before all of the products have been linked below and please do comment if you end up purchasing any of these, or just had any further questions about how they would work with your skin… don’t be afraid to get in touch!


Hand Cream

Daily Moisturiser

Ellie X 

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