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So, like I said in my previous post my aim for this year is going to be to create content for this blog, or youtube content at least once a week. Starting now! I didn't really know how to begin all of this, so I found that in the past I have received messages and comments surrounding what I do at University. Quite interestingly, I am a Fashion Communication student located in my home town of Newcastle at Northumbria University. I do believe that I have discussed what I do at Universtiy in the past on my blog, however not what that involves me to do... if that makes sense.
One big common mistake (which is an easy one to make) with individuals when I tell them I am a fashion com student, is 'oh well, you'll have to design me a new' or 'have to make me a new'. Yeah. Honestly not many people understand what that entitles me to do for a living essentially. Thats what I am hoping to explain to you all this afternoon.
Now back at Universtiy for the semester, I want to talk to you about what kinda work that we do on a week to week basis. Not the whole spiel of what it's like for your average anything kind, of course, this is a little more information on what I do in particular, just in case this course sounds like something of an interest to you having more of the business background of fashion rather than design, then stick around.

Being our second week back, work is getting back into full swing. One of the mini briefs which we have been set to achieve is a Trend Prediction orientated module, and we have been asked by 'The Trend Bible' to complete the following task.

'Using the double page spread provided from the 2016 Insight Report as a starting point, write a blog post for The Trend Bible website on the subject of 'Tech Therapy'
Your blog post should be approx. 300 words long and include 1-2 examples of brands/retailers/mavens already tapping into this trend.
Visit the Trend Bible website to get a feel for their blog and tone of voice.'

Followed by the article which is mentioned in the brief and three examples of blog posts which have been published to the Trend Bible website to give us a feel for the style of writing in which they use.
So yeah, below you will now see my response to the brief which I thought I would share with you all. If you are unaware of who the Trend Bible are, then I will leave all the links to the website at the bottom of the page. They are a seriously interesting brand to check out, they host a creative space that helps inspire and educate individuals about up and coming trends, wether that be for Fashion or Homewear or even Food. Its worth giving the page a little snoop if this is something which interests you.

Tech Therapy
Imagine the possibility of having the household you currently reside in, having the technological abilities to move and function on its own, freeing up all your time. Making chores a thing of the past. Idealistic promises of Tomorrowland now could be in your homes, you just haven't realized it. At one point at the start of this decade, most would turn and frown at the fact we were becoming reliant on the latest technologies available on the market, this attitude now taking a swift turn.

Many now indulge in investments to have their hands on the latest and greatest technology, often found trending via social media platforms. The past year, 2016, was no shortage of unique creations, invented with the intention to make lives simpler and 'unlivable' without. To celebrate the arrival of the new year, we are looking back on some of the best tech product launches and trends throughout 2016, and the impact they have invoked.

1. Dyson Hair Dryer
Launching on April 27th, 2016, Dyson introduced its latest product a 'Supersonic' hair dryer. Not commonly known for their product range outside of hovers; despite the rather popular fan collection. This was a big step in the right direction for the household name, proving that not only can they create quality products with a hefty price tag, but broadening the horizon of where they intend to end up. After the launch of this product, it was instantaneously in high demand, regardless of its £299.99 price tag.

2. Inner Car Wifi
Trying to get around without any internet now days, can be a bit of a pain in the backside. Car companies swiftly got on board with this online obsessed age, starting off with the Volvo On Call. Which entire launch campaign was based around the idea of the onboard wifi. It swiftly moved over to companies such as EE, who now provide you with a data limit per month to have an internet connection for the inside of your car.

3. Drones
Showing up in the news for quite a few years now, the drone finally made a defined name for itself throughout 2016. Newer cheaper models, making it easier for the products to be owned by the masses. Filling up facebook newsfeeds with homemade videos of people flying high above hometowns and sharing with the rest of the community. Youtube, stars also being the face behind these products having such an effect on the customers.

4.Virtual reality headsets
Another product which has been on the scene for more than a year now, Virtual reality headsets. This time around, however, thanks to big gaming brands such as Playstation and Xbox releasing their own take on the headsets. It enabled gamers of all ages, to have a more immersive gaming experience, unlike anything they have seen before.

5.Google Phone
Coming back to Youtube, owner and founder Google launched a phone that stood in competition to the highly anticipated iPhone 7, which let's face it - is pointless without a headphone jack. Following the disappointing reviews and result from the google glass, this was the companies step back into the game.

6.Amazon Echo
Potentially the most highly anticipated product release of 2016, has been left until last. Amazon's Echo. This device allows the user to have a complete ease without having to lift a finger, after naming the device you simply call the echo and ask it for what you require. Mixed media reaction followed, some believing that they can no longer live without it, others wish that they hadn't invested into purchasing it. Despite having negative feedback, it appears all is well for the latest amazon creation.

So there you have it !  A little look inside of my world, if you have any questions about uni applications please dont be affaid to ask in the comment section below! See you next week X

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