Monday, 19 December 2016

Clothes Show Live 2016 │ ELLEKATE

So two sundays back,

Had to be one of the best days. If you didn't read my last post, I was asked if I would like to attend clothes show live as a blogger (which was pretty darn cool). So I and the family made the day-long round trip to Birmingham NEC to get to go attend this event.

We didn't arrive until 12 pm which is a shame, as I would have love to have been there from the start. However, this didn't change our experience we still had a lovely time. We booked in for a fashion show and went to have a look around the event and try to grab some deals. Overall there were so much amazing unheard brands that really deserved some more recognition and then the bigger names as well which were putting out some great deals for their customers, such as £10 Barry M goodie bags!

I could sit here and talk to you all day about each individual store that we went to and what I loved from them, but then you'd be bored and I would have blisters from typing too much. Which is why I decided to make a vlog of the event *cue music*. I'll edit it, and have it uploaded to youtube within the next few days. stay tuned. But until then I will fill you in on a few of my highlights of the event.

Inside the blogger lounge, there was a company named Freya, who are a lingerie and swimwear company. There was a lovely girl who worked with them and I didn't catch her name! But she helped me with a bra fitting, turns out I am actually currently wearing a bra three cup sizes too big. They also gave me a lovely little slip but I will show you all that in a little haul in a few days.

Next, there was a stand which was selling a product which you rub over your skin and it just makes your hair, disappear! Another product which I will go through on another post but it's like magic I cannot remember the name of the place so ill have to search the web for my next post.

Finally, there was the show itself. I was expecting just general high street styles modeled on the catwalk for the latest trends, which there was. But then there was a segment of the show, which just blew me and my sister away. I will put the images which I took below. Men in fur bomber jacket, something I never thought would work but they all actually rocked it! Might have to convince Jack to get one.

So there it is a mini wrap up of my time at Clothes Show Live 2016, that is, unfortunately, the last one that will be held in Birmingham and next July the show will be moving to Liverpool. Sad, but at least it is not the end! I will put a link below to where you can buy tickets for the Liverpool event. I would just like to thank all of the organizers at Clothes Show for letting me attend this event, it was an amazing experience and made me realize I'm a valued blogger, little mention to Mar for sending me these passes and overall just making our experience a great one.
Until next time thanks for reading X