Saturday, 12 November 2016

Night at the Tipi │ Hadrian's Tipi

A festive pop-up bar has arrived in Newcastle city centre for the Christmas period. Not going to lie, I'm a sucker for anything that's novelty and that exactly why I couldn't wait to head over and try the place out. 
Not seeing my collage girls in over a year was the perfect opportunity to head out for drinks and a catch up. 
We decided to make this quite an early night with it being a Friday, which now I am glad that we did as even for 5 the place was packed. After all its just a pop up. Luckily once we had gotten our drinks some seats came free around the big open fire in the centre of the tipi, which we snatched up immediately. Having the big open fire to sit around was a lovely experience, not only was it nice to talk amongst ourselves, but the other friendly locals around the fire pit were up for a good laugh. At this point my only negative was the price of the drinks, I was well aware that there was going to be a slight expense on the drinks with the novelty of the place. Just for any one who is wanting to head down to Hadrian's, I paid £5.80 for a single Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. 
Also on offer was a selection of Ales, Beers, Spirits, Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider and also a selection of bottles. As far as a pop-up goes they have put a lot of thought into what beverages they have on offer as well as the look of the venue, food on offer etc. 
After a few hours of enjoying the company by the fire, the place started to fill up a little bit more. At this point we decided that it would be time to head home, that was the only other negative to our experience that since there wasn't many seats on offer to all the people just walking into the venue so we were a little bit jumped on once we went to stand up, but who could blame them our seats were beautiful. 
When we were walking out we noticed a wooden shack at the end of the tipi, which turned out to be serving food. I normally just have the 'chips' option from these kinda things, with myself being a vegetarian. Low and behold they actually served up Vegan Sausages, catering to everyone. Ill leave a photo of the menu below, at the time I had already eaten so wasn't up for another meal. That will not stop me returning to try out some of the food, as the stall smelt unbelievable. I found out from a girl standing next to me that the winter warmer topping is actually Brie and Cranberry, how heavenly. As you can see from the menu below the food prices weren't to bad either. (And they do breakfast!) 
So that was my first impressions of the Hadrian's Tipi, which I expect will be there till around January time being set up for the Christmas period. I would highly recommend that people head down there and give it a try! I have put some photos below of our little trip. But enjoy the rest of your week everyone. The countdown to Christmas begins.
El X


  1. It looks so lovely I can't wait to go! Glad you had a good time girly :)


    1. You'll love the ascetics of the place I know what you're like !