Friday, 28 October 2016

Stuck in the Upside Down │ Day Trip Away

Nope this isn't a Stranger Things related post,
I just enjoyed the reference... sorry.

Lately, there has been a hell of a lot of University work and I wouldn't mind being able to just maintaining that but there has been other issues surrounding the past month and I felt like there was something I needed to do to refresh my mind. Get some clarity.

Since we are in the half term, me and Jack decided to get away for the afternoon and go somewhere nice. When I was little I always wanted to run off to the Lake District when ever there was something bothering me, and so I kinda put that suggestion in there.

I dont wanna go into detail about other surrounding bothering problems as this is a happiness blog !

I promise that today was kinda a step as to what I personally needed to get back onto my personal path to mindfulness. And, that is what am trying to get at with this post. Though, things can sometimes be not so great, always make time to do even one thing that makes you happy. It can be simple little things, for example the other day I took a break from my University work and painted a pumpkin. Because, why not?

Just a little small update for you all though, thought it would be nice to drop by and post something. I understand from twitter etc, a lot of you all are now at University (like myself), and I know how it feels to have the work load, personal pressures and all that jazz. So take note from this. If you want to be able to 'survive uni', timing is something you need to get the grasp of. Especially when times like these come up and your not feeling so great, you can take those five minutes to say Im going to go do something for me this afternoon.

Be Positive and Stay Happy. Best words of advice.

So this post isn't all jibber jabber, I've included photos from this afternoons trip for you all to have a neb at. So enjoy, I have a few collaborations coming up over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Ellie X

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