Friday, 16 September 2016

Five Easy Hair Looks │ Back-To-School

Today I'm getting back into the beauty side of things.
Since this week in England is officially Freshers and most people are officially back to school, I thought it would be a good time to help with those early morning starts with some quick and easy hair styles, so you can last through that 5 hour lecture and come out looking fabulous.

Personally if I leave for University I have to get up for around 7/8am, and that is no time for make up since it takes me an hour to get to my uni. This year I have the mission to not look like a half ass mess when showing up to classes, so lets get into it.

1. Space Bunnies.
Potentially my favourite easy hairstyle at the moment, and the best part is its super easy. So what you need to do is part your hair down the middle leaving equal amounts of hair on each side. Next grab a backcombing brush, if not a ordinary brush shall do the job and give it a bit of volume. Decide upon wether you want your buns high in the sky or just brushing your shoulders, and place it into a tight ish bun. Repeat on the other side and then tussle around with your buns if you want them a smidgen more goofy.

2. The Frenchie.
Plain and simple. Everyone has been loving this trend this year, the double french plat. If like me your not amazing at them don't worry just give it a little bit of a tug around so that its as if you have created it to look ruff. Cant do them at all ? don't worry watch some youtube tutorials and Pinterest links to get you started, remember practice makes perfect.

3. The Undone Frenchie.
This style has to be my favourite of the lot at the moment, I honestly wish I has known about this style a few months ago so I could have rocked it all summer long. Best thing is its super easy to create all you need to do is start off like you would with your regular frenchie, then once you have reached the bottom of your scalp just tie it in as a ponytail. Feel like Harley Quinn and I adore it.

4. Sporty Vibes.
For everyone who is just not amazing with doing french braids, thats fine I have you covered. All you need for this sporty vibe hair style is to create two regular plats at either side of you hair going backwards towards your ends. You can play around with where you want these to be and also how many you want. Once you are done add a snag band to each of them. Finally just tie all your hair back into a pony tail this will keep your hair out your face all day so you can relax.

5. Easy Overnight Curls - Aurora.
So the whole reason for this post, was an idea given to me by the company 'Qwerkity' who where ever so kind to send me over one of there products. The Aurora headband. So the idea of this product is to give you simple over night curls, but so that you can still actually have a good night sleep. So I have had this product for a few days and I'm starting to get the hang of putting it on. You simply place the band over your head after you have had a shower and given it a big of a towel dry. Starting with one side of your hair, take three sections keeping them quite small about 2 inches and wrap them around the band. The one and only issue I found with this product was wrapping it around my hair, its something which you have to slowly get the hang of. Basically, you have to wrap the section around once, if you have any remaining hair add that to the next section of hair. Unlike, other overnight curls which I have tried in the past, this is the comfiest sleep I have had. In the morning just simply remove the hairband starting from the back, and you should have some lovely curls to dash off to class with. Honestly I was impressed with the product. Its simple and saves a lot of time, and the best thing is they only cost £15 saving you having to buy those £199 GHD's. 

So thats all for this weeks post. Let me know what you think and if you will be purchasing yourself a aurora hairband from Qwerkity. Until next time.

Qwerkity Website
Aurora Hairband

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A London Montage │ ELLEKATE

I returned home from London early yesterday morning, after one of the most spectacular times away I wanted to get working on some of the footage I took straight away. I have uploaded a little youtube video for my channel which I shall link below so you can all check it out. It defiantly not my finest, I've put that down to the fact I was more concerned with making the most of my trip and enjoying the two little days we had there before returning back to work a few hours after I got off the bus ! Any ways, I would still love to hear some feedback off you all, wether its in the comment section of the video or right here on the blog I love to hear it all. Also if you want to share your channel please do I appreciate it when people share their content with everyone else.

I shall be uploading a mini haul and also a photo blog post in the next few days so stay tuned for that. Until next time X