Sunday, 28 August 2016

Autumnal Love │ ELLEKATE

Just around the corner lies my favourite season of the year. Autumn.
I cannot put a finger on to why this is my favourite time of the year, I've never been a fan of the cold but the nostalgia of sitting, looking out the window covered in a wool blanket clasping onto a hot chocolate (loaded with marshmallows) there is just something about it.
So since the season is just around the bend, and this British summer has been possibly the worst weather of all. I thought I'd write a little list of why I love the season, I'm currently writing a project around it also so I got all inspired.

1. Allowed to be lazy days
Every once and a while there comes a day when there is a chill in the air, loads of brown, red and yellow leaves on the floor when you can just lie in you PJ's watch a bunch of crappy movies that are on the channels you normally don't ever really check and just be chilled out. When there is nothing to be done you can do whatever you want. So naturally you will stay on the sofa like a sloth only leaving the room to go make another cup of tea or at most a nice walk in the fresh crisp air ... to go and buy more snacks from the shop.

2. Making Pumpkin flavour everything.
... When I say everything, I really do mean it. You can walk into any supermarket and they just have aisles full of all these products you know and love with that little label saying 'Limited edition Pumpkin Flavour' or "Spiced Edition'. In my mind, that is heaven, in others it's hell. All I know is I'm excited to get my fluffy trousers on and go into the kitchen to make some pumpkin spice cookies, which will not even be out of the oven two minutes before the entire family will have devoured the lot.

3.Halloween ...duh
The best night of the year, when you can eat nothing but chocolate and jellies and dress up like someone / something that you want to be the other 364 days of the year but only on this one night (and the occasional fancy dress party) is this acceptable. It's when I choose to watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' even though nobody can decide whether it is a Christmas movie or a Halloween one. I can sit and watch youtube vlogs coming in from all the lucky people who got to attend that year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal (Even if the only reason that there lucky is because I have always chickened out of going). Carving pumpkins, cause I am possibly the best pumpkin carver in the entire of the North east of England.

4. Being able to wear an all black outfit and not look like a goth.
This doesn't stop me doing it the rest of the year, but I only ever feel socially acceptable when the dark nights are in and everyone is doing exactly the same thing... blending into the shadows. You can have a black long sleeve, black jeans, black belt, black fluffy socks, black jacket and black shoes and nobody would ever say a thing to you.

5. Firework Night
Enough said. There just stupidly pretty.

6.Spending stupid amounts of money on Bath & Body Works
It maybe only in America, but some lovely individuals make it their job to sell their products through certain Ebay sites, last year I got three various pumpkin candles. They are all gone which makes me sad, but I shall simply just re-purchase the exact same ones, spending way too much on delivery and then only having them for a month max, as the only really time they aren't burning is when you are not in the room... which like before is basically never as you just don't want to leave.

7. Long Chilled Walks
Walking when it is just a bit chilly out, and you have all wrapped up it's just something about it which makes it better than just a normal walk. They are so special. If it's possible to breath better then somehow at that moment in time it is so, when the air is so crisp and fresh. Nothing could be nicer. Especially when your either on your own with your headphones in, just in no hurry going nowhere. Or have good company just taking the time to catch up or enjoy just being with one another.

8. Drinking Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Chai Latte's
I've gone and brought it up again, but you are so lost if you have yet to try one of these amazing creations. They only come around once a year, so you must make the most of them being here. Take it from me and just have one every time you walk past a Starbucks and you should be set for the season. Until Winter come and you must do exactly the same with the Eggnog from Starbucks cause that stuff is to die for. Even try and making one for yourself, they are just a nice hot drink to help warm you up, especially if you have just been out enjoying the fresh air. If you have never tried a chai latte, you need to get yourself down to any coffee shop and have a try of one, cause these just taste like autumn in a cup, with the overloaded of cinnamon and the warm creamy milk, they are cups of heaven.

9. Starting the Christmas Shopping
Honestly, I like to be able to enjoy Christmas not spending it shopping around in overly busy department store. If you have it done / almost all finished by the time it gets to Christmas you just get to celebrate the time of year so much more. Things tend to be a bit too pricey for Christmas, so getting most of it around black Friday not only saves time but your spends too. Online Black Friday shopping is the way forward then you're not shoving through people fighting over the little things.

10. Colours
I've always loved the tones of the season, the red and oranges. But now, the rose gold overloads... If you follow my Instagram you will understand how much of a growing obsession of colour I now have. My bedroom is shortly growing with the amount of rose gold there is in it, and there is no better time than autumn to show it off. I know for a fact that this wont be the end to my rose gold purchasing habits, I could have a whole room of entirely rose gold and be completely content with life.

I could proably continue this on and on.. but as you can tell im pretty excited to make the most of that time of year. I havent even been to my final little summer trip away but im already preparing for the chilly weather. But I would love to know why everyone else has a favourite time of year and why, so make sure you comment below and tell me what it is. If you are interested all of the images that I have uploaded with this post are from my Instagram, you can find it located in the bar on my blog besides this post or @ellekate__ on Instagram. Until next time xox

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