Monday, 25 July 2016

Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Good Morning,
So like I mentioned in my last blog post, and with most of you seeing on my social media pages. The other week I and my good friend Beth got a tad sick of the crappy British summer which we have been having (Until today of course) so we decide we would have a snoop and find out if there was any good last minute holiday offers around. Just by chance, I found possibly the best deal I have ever seen for  Disneyland Paris, staying just off site, breakfast included and park tickets for a reasonable price. So as you do we booked to leave in two weeks for a few days of Disney relaxation. 
A massive thank you is needed for Beth's dad who drove us down to Leeds airport and then picked us back up on Thursday.
We arrived at the Disney park at about 5pm their time and still had plenty of time to go into the parks and make the most of the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately, what I can only describe as an awful experience with the ticket company 'Attraction Tickets' not sending us the correct email we had to leave the faith of our trip in the hands of the best Disney employee who we have ever encountered who ensured after a lot of hard work on her own behalf got us the tickets. Romni I believe was her name and she was a life saver. THANK YOU. 
Honestly, I can happily say this has had to have been on one of the best breaks I've ever been on. Even if there was construction work happening on most of the attractions, they covered this up well with all the friendly staff all around welcome to make your trip as amazing as always. They have my dream job so no wonder they are all such a happy bunch. 
We went on most of the ride that was open, including the Hollywood Tower of Terror, being one of my biggest fears. Plus the ride attend was full of good crack and made me fell so much more at ease before we got chucked up and down like ragdolls. 
Yes, I also got a hell of a lot of shopping. Turns out, Disney now does sales and they are pretty amazing. We got gifts for all of our friends whilst still getting a bunch of items for ourselves. 
I could jabber on all day long about the trip and if people want it I will do a must see list for all places to eat and ride inside of the parks. That should be up in the next few weeks. But until then here are all of the photos that I did take when I wasn't crying over how happy I was to be back in my favourite place.

I did take some footage whilst I was away, just a few vlogs here and there. If this is something that all of you will be interested in seeing please let me know in the comment section below!

Ellie X