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Best Places to Eat Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Happy Monday,
After a few messages, I've decided to write up what I personally believe was the best places to eat throughout the Disney Land Paris Resort following mine and Beth's recent trip there. Now not all of the images will be my own just either because I didn't take pictures of them or didn't like the photos essentially. I shall also be including Restaurants that are outside of the parks and inside of the Disney Village.
I know for a fact that people hate rambling on a post like this, so I'm just going to get into it. So finally, if you would like any other advice about up and coming vacations to Disney Land Paris (or even Florida) please do leave it in the comment section below or message me directly.

1. Annette's Diner - Milkshakes & Kids Meals. 
Authentic America experience can be found right here at Annette's. They everything on the menu that you would expect from a typical American Diner, but there is a certain quirk to Annette's that puts it on the pedestal above the others. Food wise it's at the same standard as what you would expect from a diner, not fine dining but if you are craving a burger it will be ten times better than what you would get from down the road from the Disney Village McDonalds (Don't get me started on my hatred for that place). Inside Annettes, it's like something out of Grease! But what you really want to be getting from Annette's is one of their classic milkshakes. Coming from a milkshake lover, they are like something made in heaven! If you are taking the little ones for a meal they will love that their food will come on its very own frizzbe as the plate, I've owned mine since being a little one and still adore seeing it in my memory box. 

2. Bistrot Chez Rémy - Tiramisu.
Possibly the newest restaurant experience to the park, Chez Rémy can be found next to the ratatouille attraction. You can pick from a few separate payment methods, which not going to lie I did find rather strange and almost unneeded. Anyways you can have a Rémi meal which is 1 Starter and 1 Main Course for €29.99 or and Émile meal of a 1 Starter, 1 Main Course, 1 Dessert and 1 Drink for €39.99. I would be unsure if you could ask the waiter if you could swap the starter for a dessert, cause if I'm honest the starters weren't really worth the cash though they are still tasty. It's rather hard to explain this menu so I shall leave a link at the bottom to a page which has it all on. As there is also the Linguine and Gusteau menu's which is for another slightly more expensive menu. But the Tiramisu has to be the raining champ on the menu, it's like creamy, coffee taste of heaven. mmmm.
I have since emailed the park to ask if there are any other options for purchasing the meals just individually, and there is! So even more worth the visit - But you HAVE TO BOOK.

3. Café Mickey
Some of my best childhood memories are made inside of Café Mickey, they offer traditional Italian food with table service and character meet and greet. If you struggled to meet some of your favourite characters inside of the parks, then you definitely will here. I can remember my parents taking us in the restaurant on the first night we were in the park to book for the last night. Now, I think that this is a bit extreme. But you definitely need to book in advance for this restaurant, as its highly popular. If you are not going for the characters then definitely visit for the food, I have checked online and I think it now runs by the same idea as Bistrot Chez Rémi where you pay for a certain menu option. It's costly but if you are going to have one blowout night, being on holiday and all. Then Café Mickey is the place to go. They also offer a buffet styled character breakfast for the kids, which was just incredible.

4. Casey Corner - Hotdogs
Looking for a quick bit in the park? Then head straight to Casey Corner for a quick service bite to eat.   They may be a quick service restaurant, so it's notable service and its often hard to find a seat their hot dogs are worth it, especially for the price. Yes, I am now a vegetarian so there is nothing available for myself. However, as a child, I would look forward to my lunchtime hot dog because they were bigger than my arm. They do have a Kids menu, but we always use to ignore that and go straight for the full-size boys. I know what you're thinking how can you remember what they even taste like. Put it this way my dad told me if I overcame my fear of the haunted mansion he would go and buy me a Casey hotdog for doing it. I cried the entire ride, but for the hotdog, it was worth it.

5. Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost - Pizza's
Whether you are wanting a big lunch or a cheap dinner, Colonel Hathi's offer cheap and big portions if you want to fill up for a cheaper price. Beth and I fancied a bigger meal on the last night of our trip and we decided to head back into the park and go to Colonel Hathi's as we had passed it the previous day and everyone looked content with their 12" pizzas. I got a three cheese pizza for around €10, which for the price was ideal and super filling. Beth decided to get a drink with hers, and I kinda wish I had as if you are to get a drink it works out cheaper or only slightly more to get a drink and a dessert or side alongside your meal. I couldn't complain about the price. We sat out back and just enjoyed our last night in the sunshine with our pizzas in the jungle themed seating area. There was plenty of room to sit so even if the place was busy, you could still find a chair somewhere. If you aren't a fan of pizza, then you could always get one of their pasta dishes which the lady on the table next us described as 'creamy bites of delight' ... and I seriously hope she was talking about her lasagna.

6. Cookie Kitchen - Coffee and Cookies
If you are getting a little nippy as you are waiting for the fireworks to start, head to the cookie kitchen's outside window to grab a hot chocolate and a cookie to enjoy the end of your night with. This would be great for kids also if they are getting a bit restless waiting around for the nighttime displays to start. The queue's can sometimes be a little long, however, they aren't nothing compared to what the quick service food stalls are like around this time.

7. Restaurant Hakuna Matata - Fries
If you are a fan of Disney parks and havent yet encountered the legendary Hakuna Fries found in the recently opened quick service restuarant found in the Adventureland section of the Magic Kingdom. Its themed around the Lion King and plays all of the movies classic music, though they are quick serivce they do offer a wider range of food, I cannot even describe the fries they were just incredible! Like most of the restaurants inside of the park you can get one of there meal offers for a certain amount for value prices. You can get 1 Main, 1 Side, 1 Dessert and 1 Drink for €14.99 which is just exactly what you want to hear if you are keeping to a budget. I kinda wish I had tried the Vegtiarian Hakuna Salad with my fries, but I enjoied them on there own far too much.

8. McDonald's - NO GO.
Right, this is a place definatly not to go. Honestly, this isnt like a one of those all McDonald's are bad for you and their food isnt made right things... They are vile. Like my Mcflurry didnt taste like your average Mcflurry and I have no idea why. Im pretty sure it has given one of my friends food poisioning before. So dont be lured in by the big golden arches. Its huge in size, but the food has to be one of the most discusting things ive ever tried. Thats coming from the girl who goes for a secret McDonalds every Friday or Saturday night.

9. Planet Hollywood.
If you have never had a meal at Planet Hollywood, you have to go just for the quirky style. Each of there locations is home to the best collection of movie props you will ever see. Quite similar to what you would find from Hard Rock Cafe, but with movies rather than music. Inside of the restaurant is due a bit of an update, on the menus and the furniture, but that definatly doesnt spoil the food. It would suprise you on just how nice it is, especially the cocktails. Its not the best you can each but I can use to get so excited at the thought of going there. I only had a starter as a main course, as I wasnt hungry and to be honest there wasnt much vegitarian options outside of the veggie burger. Like they didn't even have a vegitarian salad... again the milkshakes are quite unbelievable, Im not sure what Disney are putting inside of there shakes but I need to find out.

10. Plaza Gardens Restaurant - Buffet.
On the first night of being in the park we couldnt decide where abouts to eat, all we did know is that we were hungry. So the all you could eat buffet was needed. They charge €30.99 for the buffet itself, and then you can pay for your beverage on entry if you would like one. You are then taken to a table after paying and can go up to the buffet and help yourself to what ever takes your fancy. Again, like many places we went to eat there wasnt much vegatarian options, which quite annoyed me with there having paided before we entered. I made myself a pasta salad which to be honest for an all you can eat, if you could eat until you poped this food was beautiful. The best thing was the fried potato chip things, I have no clue what they actually were but they were but I had three full plates full. Having not much savory items I kinda went a bit crazy on the desert table, cause there was caramel blomonge  and carrot cake. Lets just say I ate too much in the nicest restaurant in the park followed by getting to excited about the fact I was in Disney, and being sick in the nicest toilet in the park...

11. Walt's - An American Restaurant
Now this is one of the places I have never actually been too, but I think it definatly did decerve a mention. Located in Main Street, they serve traditional American food with European influeses. What I would love to try on the menu is the, Mushroom Ravioli. I have been on to trip advisor and it gets some nice reviews on the food. It is on the more costly side, which is proably our reason for not trying it out one night. Also we were only there three nights. I am guessing that the restaurant is themed around Walt's home, which was located above on of the buildings in the California DisneyLand. Its a set menu for the food with two menu's, all of the menus I have listed in this blog post can be found on the DLP website, which I shall leave at the end of the blog. But like some of the other more costly restaurants in the park, you have to book in advance before your visit.

Hope that you have enjoyed this post, its not something I would normally write. Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to discuss about our recent trip to DisneyLand. I am travelling down to London at the end of the summer now so I am excited to visit yet another city this year. Of course I will do lots of things whist I am there which I can tell you all about on the blog. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Good Morning,
So like I mentioned in my last blog post, and with most of you seeing on my social media pages. The other week I and my good friend Beth got a tad sick of the crappy British summer which we have been having (Until today of course) so we decide we would have a snoop and find out if there was any good last minute holiday offers around. Just by chance, I found possibly the best deal I have ever seen for  Disneyland Paris, staying just off site, breakfast included and park tickets for a reasonable price. So as you do we booked to leave in two weeks for a few days of Disney relaxation. 
A massive thank you is needed for Beth's dad who drove us down to Leeds airport and then picked us back up on Thursday.
We arrived at the Disney park at about 5pm their time and still had plenty of time to go into the parks and make the most of the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately, what I can only describe as an awful experience with the ticket company 'Attraction Tickets' not sending us the correct email we had to leave the faith of our trip in the hands of the best Disney employee who we have ever encountered who ensured after a lot of hard work on her own behalf got us the tickets. Romni I believe was her name and she was a life saver. THANK YOU. 
Honestly, I can happily say this has had to have been on one of the best breaks I've ever been on. Even if there was construction work happening on most of the attractions, they covered this up well with all the friendly staff all around welcome to make your trip as amazing as always. They have my dream job so no wonder they are all such a happy bunch. 
We went on most of the ride that was open, including the Hollywood Tower of Terror, being one of my biggest fears. Plus the ride attend was full of good crack and made me fell so much more at ease before we got chucked up and down like ragdolls. 
Yes, I also got a hell of a lot of shopping. Turns out, Disney now does sales and they are pretty amazing. We got gifts for all of our friends whilst still getting a bunch of items for ourselves. 
I could jabber on all day long about the trip and if people want it I will do a must see list for all places to eat and ride inside of the parks. That should be up in the next few weeks. But until then here are all of the photos that I did take when I wasn't crying over how happy I was to be back in my favourite place.

I did take some footage whilst I was away, just a few vlogs here and there. If this is something that all of you will be interested in seeing please let me know in the comment section below!

Ellie X

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day of Photography │ ELLEKATE

It's been a while,
But I have been focusing on my work and self which to me is the most important thing of all. A few of you will know that last week I took a last minute trip to Disney Land Paris, but don't worry I made sure to capture as much of the trip as I could and a post will be out once I have edited all of the photos. Anyways, with Jess being home for a few days we had a chance to go out and go back to getting a few photos of me like old times. In all honesty, it was a strange feeling to be back behind the lens like in a professional sense as it has been such a long time but it was so much fun at the same time. I could ramble on all day, but I am just going to let you take a look at the photos for yourself.
Jess has also done a post on today's events if you would like to go and check out which ones she selected as her favourites.
Enjoy X