Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Planéte Chocolat Free Chocolaté Delivery │ Gift Ideas

Hello All,
If you are anything like myself you will not be able to turn down a good selection of chocolate especially when they come all the way from the home of the best chocolates in the world, Belgium. Now I came across this company a few short weeks back called Planéte Chocolat they are based right in the heart of Belgium but offer Free Next Day Delivery to the UK and a few other EU countries.
I thought that this would be perfect to share with you all for ideas such as Weddings, Birthdays and other occasions like Fathers Day which was just the other day. But being the greedy buggers we are me and my mother decided it would be best to keep all of our chocolates to ourselves as a nice little treat. We went for the selection of pralines, with white, milk, and dark chocolates all filled with different flavours. I apologise for the next part because we couldn't even stop eating them, not even with me not have taken images of them yet. My favourite has to be the coconut filled white chocolate praline which being the nice girlfriend I am, I'm saving it until my boyfriend comes home from travelling.
On the website, they do offer so many various chocolate flavours and kinds for different occasions, including the cutest little footballs for the Euro 2016 games. But, hand on heart and these have to be the best chocolates I've ever had, like I am currently trying to resist not eating the rest of the box which I have hidden at the top of my wardrobe.
If you want to get your hands on a nice big box of chocolates for a friend or family member, or like me your just a little bit greedy then here are the links that you will need the first is for the web page for the chocolates the other is the link to the exact same box which I have got.



Free Next Day Delivery to the UK

Let me know if you have tried or are going to try a box from Planéte Chocolat in the comments below, and if my chocolate hype hasn't swayed you enough here is some photos what I received in the post the other evening. Until next time X