Wednesday, 25 May 2016

YO!SUSHI │ Opening Evening

When the YO!Sushi in Fenwicks Newcastle closed down last year to make way for the brand new food court, I was devastated. Going all of the way to the Metro Center to get my Sushi fill just wasn't the same. When I heard that they would be building a brand spanking new one under neither my place of work, I was beyond ecstatic. If that wasn't amazing enough, my boyfriend and I got asked to attend the opening night.

When we arrived, not having attended many events as such as these in the past I was a bit like I don't know anyone here.... of course, this was all fine about to glasses of prosecco later. I joke, everyone was lovely and super approachable. It all started at about 6.30, greeted with some nice glasses of bubbly and some strange but surprisingly nice bottles of Japanese beer for the other half. We had a short look around the new restaurant, personally, my favourite part was the comic strip inspired wall which I was quick to get Jack take photos of me in front of. 

All the food going around the belt looked so good, but nobody seemed to be eating. Being the gannets that we are (Possibly why I couldn't get my jeans on this morning) we went in for the kill and were grabbing everything that we could get our hand on! Being a Vegetarian there is always slightly fewer options for me but the staff was amazing, the manager went out of her way to go and grab me a Japanese inspired Pizza/ Pancake. I know what I shall be getting next blue Monday! I think overall it was nice to see that in the time that they have been away they have put some seriously good, new food onto the menu. We had planned to eat until we physically had to be rolled out of the place, but we got a bit full too fast and after having a good two / three dessert dishes I couldn't go on any longer! 

The event was on until 10pm, however, I was due to be in the office for 10 this morning so we did leave even thought I just didn't want the night to end. But just when we were sad to be leaving we got handed goodie bags and I bloody love a good goodie bag. It was filled with Coconut Water, Pocky, and wasabi covered coconut chips. Which I wasn't personally keen on but was funny watching my mum pulling a hilarious face whilst eating one.

All in all, we had a fantastic evening at YO! Sushi and I cannot wait to go back next week for another round of sushi. I have another regular post coming up soon, collaborating with the company crazy lenses to create some eye makeup looks for day and night. So watch out for that post.

Until next time X

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