Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Time To Get Fit │ Running the Great North Run

Not a typical post today, 
But I have decided as of yesterday to begin training for the Great North Run. If you are not from Britain or the North of England for that matter you may not know what is the run. Well, the Great North Run is a 13.1-mile run (Half Marathon) which will begin in the heart of Newcastle, the course will run over the tyne bridge and end at the coast of South Shields. Not for the light hearted, I mean people have been seriously injured or died from this run, however, let's not put a down point on the situation. But for someone like me, this will be a personal and physical challenge to complete. Living in the North my whole life I want to be able to finally take part in this as all I have ever done is sit watching it on the TV. Not only that but I want it to be a real healthy start for myself, I managed to push myself a few years back to lose around 2 stone. But over time I have started to lose my breath running up and down the stairs at work. 

Most importantly about this run, is I shall be running for the charity 'Save the Children' a fantastic charity who are working around the globe as we speak helping 1000s of children who are in life-threatening situations, including the recent Refugee Crisis. So some little facts about the charity, they work in 120 countries across the globe, they reach out to 116 million children, they help children in a wide range of situations (Health, Education, Emergencies, Poverty, Hunger, Protection, and Rights). 

I have made them the promise of raising at least £300, money that they can use to help stop actions like these. No child should have to spend what is meant to be the funniest time of your life in fear of the world. 

I will be doing the run on September 11th, 2016, I am beginning my training after I have finished this post. I’m not going to lie it will most defiantly be the most difficult thing I have ever done, poor I can’t even run along the beach without thinking I’m about to collapse. But like I said I am ready for this challenge, and I need help from individuals like you to help fund me with this run. I have left the link below to my Virgin Money Giving if you have a spare £1 that you can help me out with in hitting my promised target for the charity it would be very much appreciated. 

So yeah, I’ll keep all your fitness fans in with how I am doing. If anyone has any diet or exercise tips to share in the comments, please do. And I will begin posting some updates on various fitness things. Until then though thank you very much for reading this post it means a lot 
Ellie x

Fundraising Page. 

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