Sunday, 15 May 2016

NYX Beauty Haul │ Blogger Meet Up


So if you live in the north-east of England you will be fully aware of the launch of not one but two NYX boots stalls. If you are a long time lover of the brand you will remember the small wall of the cosmetics that use to be in Next. It was a purchase of the HD Concealer which I've purchased online ever since. When I heard that they would be opening a stall I was too excited to have a try of some of the other products that they had to offer.

Not only after they opened the Newcastle store, they announced that there would be a meet and great with two bloggers at the Metro Center a few days later. I honestly was in awe when they announced that would be Leanne Lim-Walker and Sabrina. When I first began reading blogs, I was inspired to start my own from reading Leanne's so meeting her was an honour! Got a bit emosh after, but it was all fine because both the girls were just lovely down to earth people which were a pleasure to meet. From the event, I also got a little goodie bag which I shall include in my haul.

So let's stop the chitter chat and get into this haul.

First up is the first item I ever got from NYX it's their HD Concealer, and this is probably my third or fourth time purchasing this. It's retailed at £5.99.... I think. I would check this but unfortunately, it has been removed from the boots website. I am not sure if this means that the product has been discontinued, honestly if it has ill possibly cry but moving on and upwards. The second two photos show a little scratch I have on my arm (Just from carrying boxes at work, nothing serious) and just to show a before and after of how well it is with covering any scars or blemishes.

The second product I purchased was a bit of a fight to get my hands onto, not at all ashamed to have fought for the last one of this shade now. Which checking back at the store this morning there is none left of the 'Lingerie' lip collection left. I picked up this product in the shade '03 LIPLI', I've included a swatch to show what this comes out like on pale skin tones. Applying this product is easy, and after wearing if for a night out a few days ago I've realised that it does last for some time including after drinks. I would wear this product with a lip liner as it does give a bold effect with the matte finish but for £6.50, you cannot go wrong. 

Next, I picked up an eyeshadow, and the only reason I went for this product as when I was standing at the stall the shade reminded me a lot of the MAC shadow 'Naked Lunch' which is my all time favourite shade, I had been purchasing it for about several years (yes, it was possibly the first eyeshadow I bought) and I've loved it for so long. But as some of you may know I have decided that I will no longer be wearing the brand due to their animal testing. Something I am strongly against however the brand have stated that they are trying to remove this from their ethics and move onto the right side like NYX, whos products are crultey free. Unfortunately, the 'Sex Kitten Bimbo' shade (yep that's its name) from NYX is just too much of a pink tone rather than the Naked Lunch which reminds me more of a highlighter but comes in at only £4.00. I still adore the shade and have been wearing it under my bottom lash line.

Finally, we have the item I received from the meet up at Boots MetroCenter, which came with this adorable bag which I have been posting in the backgrounds of the image throughout this post. So this pallet is called 'Rocker Chic Pallet' I have seen a few reviews of this pallet online before and I have heard some good things, I'm excited to give it a try. I'll possibly be posting an image of the look on my Instagram which is linked at the side of my blog if you want to check it out. There are a few swatches on my arm there, I'm not sure that they are that pigmented as the smaller shadow that I purchased, but I think this will work well when it comes to blending it all in when creating this look. So thanks very much for this lovely little gift NYX. 

Here are some photos of our meet up, I had such a lovely time. Was a shame that some girls behind us were complaining that they didn't receive enough from the meetup and had only shown up for the products. But that definitely didn't ruin the event for me, my friend and sister. Had a nice chat with the girls like I said in the beginning of my post, but it seriously event like these which keep my faith in being a blogger, show just what you can achieve but most importantly the individuals that you can meet through hobbies like these.

Hope that you have enjoyed this little post. Thanks for reading x


  1. Omg I am soo jealous haha! I'm from the NE and had no clue boo! I love NYX though, so glad to know they're in the Metro now. I need to repurchase my lost Lip Lingerie! I can't believe how similar that is to the Mac Shadow. Didn't even know NYX did single shadows! Can't wait for the weekend now! x

    Tamz |

    1. aww! Love meeting other bloggers from the North, theres an event in body shop on Saturday I think :) Same I love the lip lingerie, got my hands on one the other day I love it so much! x