Wednesday, 25 May 2016

YO!SUSHI │ Opening Evening

When the YO!Sushi in Fenwicks Newcastle closed down last year to make way for the brand new food court, I was devastated. Going all of the way to the Metro Center to get my Sushi fill just wasn't the same. When I heard that they would be building a brand spanking new one under neither my place of work, I was beyond ecstatic. If that wasn't amazing enough, my boyfriend and I got asked to attend the opening night.

When we arrived, not having attended many events as such as these in the past I was a bit like I don't know anyone here.... of course, this was all fine about to glasses of prosecco later. I joke, everyone was lovely and super approachable. It all started at about 6.30, greeted with some nice glasses of bubbly and some strange but surprisingly nice bottles of Japanese beer for the other half. We had a short look around the new restaurant, personally, my favourite part was the comic strip inspired wall which I was quick to get Jack take photos of me in front of. 

All the food going around the belt looked so good, but nobody seemed to be eating. Being the gannets that we are (Possibly why I couldn't get my jeans on this morning) we went in for the kill and were grabbing everything that we could get our hand on! Being a Vegetarian there is always slightly fewer options for me but the staff was amazing, the manager went out of her way to go and grab me a Japanese inspired Pizza/ Pancake. I know what I shall be getting next blue Monday! I think overall it was nice to see that in the time that they have been away they have put some seriously good, new food onto the menu. We had planned to eat until we physically had to be rolled out of the place, but we got a bit full too fast and after having a good two / three dessert dishes I couldn't go on any longer! 

The event was on until 10pm, however, I was due to be in the office for 10 this morning so we did leave even thought I just didn't want the night to end. But just when we were sad to be leaving we got handed goodie bags and I bloody love a good goodie bag. It was filled with Coconut Water, Pocky, and wasabi covered coconut chips. Which I wasn't personally keen on but was funny watching my mum pulling a hilarious face whilst eating one.

All in all, we had a fantastic evening at YO! Sushi and I cannot wait to go back next week for another round of sushi. I have another regular post coming up soon, collaborating with the company crazy lenses to create some eye makeup looks for day and night. So watch out for that post.

Until next time X

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Time To Get Fit │ Running the Great North Run

Not a typical post today, 
But I have decided as of yesterday to begin training for the Great North Run. If you are not from Britain or the North of England for that matter you may not know what is the run. Well, the Great North Run is a 13.1-mile run (Half Marathon) which will begin in the heart of Newcastle, the course will run over the tyne bridge and end at the coast of South Shields. Not for the light hearted, I mean people have been seriously injured or died from this run, however, let's not put a down point on the situation. But for someone like me, this will be a personal and physical challenge to complete. Living in the North my whole life I want to be able to finally take part in this as all I have ever done is sit watching it on the TV. Not only that but I want it to be a real healthy start for myself, I managed to push myself a few years back to lose around 2 stone. But over time I have started to lose my breath running up and down the stairs at work. 

Most importantly about this run, is I shall be running for the charity 'Save the Children' a fantastic charity who are working around the globe as we speak helping 1000s of children who are in life-threatening situations, including the recent Refugee Crisis. So some little facts about the charity, they work in 120 countries across the globe, they reach out to 116 million children, they help children in a wide range of situations (Health, Education, Emergencies, Poverty, Hunger, Protection, and Rights). 

I have made them the promise of raising at least £300, money that they can use to help stop actions like these. No child should have to spend what is meant to be the funniest time of your life in fear of the world. 

I will be doing the run on September 11th, 2016, I am beginning my training after I have finished this post. I’m not going to lie it will most defiantly be the most difficult thing I have ever done, poor I can’t even run along the beach without thinking I’m about to collapse. But like I said I am ready for this challenge, and I need help from individuals like you to help fund me with this run. I have left the link below to my Virgin Money Giving if you have a spare £1 that you can help me out with in hitting my promised target for the charity it would be very much appreciated. 

So yeah, I’ll keep all your fitness fans in with how I am doing. If anyone has any diet or exercise tips to share in the comments, please do. And I will begin posting some updates on various fitness things. Until then though thank you very much for reading this post it means a lot 
Ellie x

Fundraising Page. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

NYX Beauty Haul │ Blogger Meet Up


So if you live in the north-east of England you will be fully aware of the launch of not one but two NYX boots stalls. If you are a long time lover of the brand you will remember the small wall of the cosmetics that use to be in Next. It was a purchase of the HD Concealer which I've purchased online ever since. When I heard that they would be opening a stall I was too excited to have a try of some of the other products that they had to offer.

Not only after they opened the Newcastle store, they announced that there would be a meet and great with two bloggers at the Metro Center a few days later. I honestly was in awe when they announced that would be Leanne Lim-Walker and Sabrina. When I first began reading blogs, I was inspired to start my own from reading Leanne's so meeting her was an honour! Got a bit emosh after, but it was all fine because both the girls were just lovely down to earth people which were a pleasure to meet. From the event, I also got a little goodie bag which I shall include in my haul.

So let's stop the chitter chat and get into this haul.

First up is the first item I ever got from NYX it's their HD Concealer, and this is probably my third or fourth time purchasing this. It's retailed at £5.99.... I think. I would check this but unfortunately, it has been removed from the boots website. I am not sure if this means that the product has been discontinued, honestly if it has ill possibly cry but moving on and upwards. The second two photos show a little scratch I have on my arm (Just from carrying boxes at work, nothing serious) and just to show a before and after of how well it is with covering any scars or blemishes.

The second product I purchased was a bit of a fight to get my hands onto, not at all ashamed to have fought for the last one of this shade now. Which checking back at the store this morning there is none left of the 'Lingerie' lip collection left. I picked up this product in the shade '03 LIPLI', I've included a swatch to show what this comes out like on pale skin tones. Applying this product is easy, and after wearing if for a night out a few days ago I've realised that it does last for some time including after drinks. I would wear this product with a lip liner as it does give a bold effect with the matte finish but for £6.50, you cannot go wrong. 

Next, I picked up an eyeshadow, and the only reason I went for this product as when I was standing at the stall the shade reminded me a lot of the MAC shadow 'Naked Lunch' which is my all time favourite shade, I had been purchasing it for about several years (yes, it was possibly the first eyeshadow I bought) and I've loved it for so long. But as some of you may know I have decided that I will no longer be wearing the brand due to their animal testing. Something I am strongly against however the brand have stated that they are trying to remove this from their ethics and move onto the right side like NYX, whos products are crultey free. Unfortunately, the 'Sex Kitten Bimbo' shade (yep that's its name) from NYX is just too much of a pink tone rather than the Naked Lunch which reminds me more of a highlighter but comes in at only £4.00. I still adore the shade and have been wearing it under my bottom lash line.

Finally, we have the item I received from the meet up at Boots MetroCenter, which came with this adorable bag which I have been posting in the backgrounds of the image throughout this post. So this pallet is called 'Rocker Chic Pallet' I have seen a few reviews of this pallet online before and I have heard some good things, I'm excited to give it a try. I'll possibly be posting an image of the look on my Instagram which is linked at the side of my blog if you want to check it out. There are a few swatches on my arm there, I'm not sure that they are that pigmented as the smaller shadow that I purchased, but I think this will work well when it comes to blending it all in when creating this look. So thanks very much for this lovely little gift NYX. 

Here are some photos of our meet up, I had such a lovely time. Was a shame that some girls behind us were complaining that they didn't receive enough from the meetup and had only shown up for the products. But that definitely didn't ruin the event for me, my friend and sister. Had a nice chat with the girls like I said in the beginning of my post, but it seriously event like these which keep my faith in being a blogger, show just what you can achieve but most importantly the individuals that you can meet through hobbies like these.

Hope that you have enjoyed this little post. Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

MET GALA 2016 │ Night of Metal

Every year, the gala never fails to impress me but this year's fashion had me blown away.
This gala had the dresses of tomorrow made for today, and it was hard to pick just a few of my favourites, however, like every year, there is some individuals who definitely missed the memo but each to their own. This is why I want to hear your views on the fashion of the evenings in the comments whether you have to agree with my do's and don't or not I would love to hear your opinion.

Let's begin with the couple of the evening Miss Gigi & Zayn making their red carpet debut. I mean Gigi looked flawless wearing her custom made Tommy Hilfiger mesh gown, but what really made the couple stand out was Zayn's bionic man look in what I believe was a Versace suit, with the metal armour attached to his arms. The pair brought the fairytale knight in shining armour into the 21st century, and you can see it in the way they look into each other's eyes.


But the runner-up couples of the evening had to be a close tie for the winners between, Mrs & Mr Kardashian West and Gigi's sister Bella Hadid with singer star boyfriend The Weeknd. Like always Kim Kardashian was wearing a gown made by her close friends at Balmain, fitted to her famous curves she was head to toe in jewels looking like a space-age greek goddess. Closely behind her the entire night was Kayne which was wearing a more casual denim look, covered in jewels to match his Mrs Drawing the cameras to Kanye was his wolf-like eye contacts, which were incredible spooky but hauntly spectacular at the same time. If you have the chance to watch their video booth clip online, or any other of the celebs for that matter I suggest you check them out. Next of course was the more simple Bella and The Weeknd, both wearing couture Givenchy. Best of all about Bella Hadid's gown was the simplicity at the top working down the pom-pom effect at the bottom - such a beautifully made dress matching well with her date for the evening.

Triple acts were a force to be reconded with yesterday evening. The Haim sisters followed by Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner and Jenna Lyons wearing matching JCrew Suits in my personal opinion, they both nailed their looks and I would find it hard to choose a favourite. I enjoyed how all of the ladies has gone matching in their sets of three but still having their own unique touch to the outfits that they were wearing. 

Honestly, if I had the choice and didn't have to prepare myself for an interview right now I could sit and talk to you all for hours as to why I thought some of the style last night just blew me away. But I sadly cannot. I've had to try my hardest here to narrow down my favourite looks, so I shall begin with my utter best one of the night which was worn by Claire Danes, when she was walking along the catwalk her Cinderella ball gown was still utterly stunning but later on in the night as it got dark, the dress transformed into this spectacle of lights. It just blew me away when I was sitting watching the highlights this morning. 

Closely followed by Taylor Swift, Stella Maxwell, Lily Collins, Blake Lively, Bee Shaffer and Kendall Jenner. I think all of these girls showed up in style and nailed it. I was also shocked when Stella Maxwell showed up wearing her Topshop dress, I was convinced it was a hand sewn haute couture item so well done Topshop for knocking it out of the park with that garment. As little as I enjoy Taylor Swift's new hair-do, that girl knows how to dress for her figure and that was no exception last night with her Louis Vutton dress. Like I said before I could ramble on all night, so I am just going to leave it there with my favourites of the night and more on to my less favourite part ....the dissing.


Personally I am too much of a nice person to write down why I disliked what these people were wearing, so I am going to try and be gentle about this...Madonna... her music just blares out my childhood, and her style just hasnt changed even with her age. I enjoy how she still has the confidence to go out and wear some of these outfits, but now its maybe time to start showing a tiny little bit less cause I dont want to know what was going on about the chest area of that dress. 
Katy Perry also didnt do it for me, I cant decide wether it is down to that hair style or the dress itself cause at the moment im loving the embrodery on the gown itself, it just as a whole didnt work for me. 
Finally so I can stop the dissing as I hate it more than anything is Irina Shayk, having another gown by haute couture Givenchy it is just the complete opposite of what Bella Hadid had on, though the idea of a courset underneith the mesh fabric this outfit also did not work for me. And lets not talk about SJP.

So what are your opinions on these outfits, is there any others you wished that I had talked about, or simply dont agree with what I have had to say just let me know in the comment section below. But I do agree that this has been the best year for fashion at the gala in a long time despite what some critics have had to say on social media websites over the past 24 hours. Until next time x