Friday, 18 March 2016

Studying Tips │ University Life

Long time no see.
Well since I have been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks I thought I would help you over students out with some helpful studying tips. Wether you are in High school, Collage or University I'm just going to throw a bunch of tips your way that can help you out.

1. Background Distractions
Music, Movies, Nexflix all things which can take your mind away from what you are doing without actually stopping you from doing work. Throughout my GCSEs I must have watched a number of disney movies on repeat, as for now I am watching the entire box set of friends. Just find something interesting and keep the volume a bit lower than normal and your all sorted.

2. Take a Break..
...have a kit kat. In all seriousness your mind need to take a breather, even if its just for 5 minutes. Ive just took my dog out for a little walk around the block and am now sitting down with a cup of tea writing this before I go back into my 1500 word essay (which is due in the day before my birthday - Great).

3. Keeping Organised
Making a chart is always the best way to resolve this one, no matter what course or subject you are doing. Being a coursework based degree, I have to jump from module to module. By making a chart for my wall I can mark out what module I am going to focus on for the next few hours before moving on to the next one. It can also help to keep your work space tidy keeps your mind focused, it may take sometime away from doing work but its going to help you to be more productive.

4. Write in Colourful Pens
Get you hands on some nice colourful pens, might sound so strange but if you are to look back at your works your notes will look all fancy. Making them nicer to look at might help you take them in a bit better! Being artistic with how you write your notes including handwriting and drawings will also help when looking back in revising.

5. Study Buddy
Sometimes this can be a helping hand other times it can just be a distraction, in my course I like to go out with my friends and building up my portfolio with picture of them. Other times it can lead people to be distracted all of the time and end up doing something completely non related to the subject, so make sure you remember studying first then endless hours of watching box sets with popcorn.

6. Goodbye Social Media
Get your phone out of sight! If you need to use a laptop or computer then block all your social sites until you have finished working. Put the calendar to good use, make sure you a lot some time out of it to sit and use your social apps but once that time is over back to studying / sleeping. Placing your phone far away, on silent or even off can help take your mind off cause that *PING* can make your brain just need to check what has happened.

7. Picky Foods
If your dieting I'm sorry but even healthy food can be a good one to use for this tip. Give yourself a bowl of some carrots, crisps, chocolate whatever your favourite snack food is use it to pick on whist your studying. Another good tip is gum, I would often chew gum whist revising or in exams can help you relax a little and concentrate more.

8. Get a Good Night Sleep
Sleep is important anytime. But if you are working behind a screen or constantly keeping your mind  awake by doing work then you are going to need to rest it well. Non of this coffee crap, it doesn't work! trust me. I haven't had coffee in a week and this morning I caved, long story short I'm on the biggest coffee crash I've ever experienced. Make a bedtime and stick to it, even if you only get 5 hours it better than nothing at all that can make things worse than they already are.

9. Making Plans
Give yourself something to look forward to once all your revision / exams are over then you are going to have more motivation to get through with it all. Then once its all over and done with you will have the biggest sigh of relief. Im currently planning a trip to Amsterdam, even if its not final I'm still so excited to put all the books in the draw till next September and actually get there. Not only just trips as big as Amsterdam but even nights out with your friends, my bestie is due home a few days before my final so the day we get to go have a night out shall be spectacular.

10. Most importantly - Stay positive
Remind yourself, its only an exam! There not going to change your life dramatically if its not meant to be, its not meant to be. Keep thinking happy thoughts which I know can seem hard, but don't get yourself on a spiral downwards. Its going to make you and everyone around you feel bad too. I love the life motto, everything happens for a reason, stick to it.

Thank you for sticking with me whist I do all my uni work I really appreciate it, Until next time.
Ellie x

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  1. Love these tips, could definitely have used them when I was at university!