Monday, 7 March 2016

Mothers Day Walks │ Photography

Happy Mothers Day,
Today I was still not feeling well but we took to the road and went to Bamburgh beach, which if you have never had the chance to go there it possibly my favourite beach in the UK and we have some pretty spectacular beaches. We didn't go for very long it only takes us about an hours car journey to get up there but it was a nice way to spend it with my mum. Driving up there was a little bit of a challenge as our dog (Buddy) hates car journeys so was panting the whole way up there, hopefully with sometime he will start getting use to the them. I was surprised when we hit the Seahouses just how quite it was, so by the time we got to Bamburgh there was plenty of places to park, this is normally not the case I missed the hustle and bustle thats normally around the place. We walked down a back lane, filled with beautiful cottages that you can rent out for the summer we are considering seeing if there is one free for the end of the holidays, before going into the village where the castle looms over the place on the cliffs. In the past we have been into the castle grounds but we didn't have the time (plus the dog) today but if you ever have the chance have a look around inside because some of the architecture is breath taking. We walked through the dunes and onto the beach, it was windy and cold but still so peaceful. Taking a little walk by the water and having a rest on the sand was what I have been needing for a few days, some good old fresh air before heading back up to the car.
Getting the dog back into the car was the best bit, he screamed! Its a little bit embarrassing cause I'm sure the old couple eating there sandwiches in the dunes were suspecting that we had stolen him. Since he seemed so worked up we made our way back in land and up to Alnwick which is around 10-15 minutes up the road from Bamburgh. Not to the castle and gardens today though as they don't allow dogs. We got there and the place was dead, another shock considering its Mothers day but never the less we made the most of it and headed to The Dirty Bottle. Its an old pub in the centre of the town it has a window which hasn't been opened or changed since 1770 (I think) as the land lord dropped dead after touching it, inside the place however, has been done up very nice indeed with neon lights and a self service beer tap. After a rather strong amaretto sours it was time to head home.
Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took from the trip, I will include them all below... I also tried to get some video footage which I will try and edit together.
Until next time.
Ellie x

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