Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Happy Healthy Hair │ Beauty Tips

Back in February 2015. I had possibly the worst most brittle, thin and lifeless hair (the worst it had been in my whole life). By the help from some multi vitamins and tlc it had improved dramatically by the summer, but still wasn't good enough. Making a small promise to myself that I was done with having to wash and dry morning and night to still have it looking dirty I would have healthy happy hair by the following time the next year. Personally I think I have done it! I thought I would share some on the steps I have gone through to achieve it, not going to lie and say that by this time next week that your hair will be catwalk ready things like these do unfortunately take time but the outcome of this is worth the wait. 

1. Treatments + Products - 
Having a mum who is a hairdresser she does love to bring the occasional new product home from the salon for us to give the test run. Some we have loved others haven't even made the difference, but I have found some that I cannot live without. 'milk_shake incredible milk' has me going through bottles like there is no tomorrow, its a leave in treatment for all hair types and has a crazy number of working effects (twelve to be exact) I shall leave you the link to the product to read through them all. When I get out of the bath / shower I have to have a little squirt of the stuff to help repair my hair, adding a little lift. I don't know how to describe the difference it makes after use, I can just tell by scrunching my hair up if I have it on or not DEFIANTLY add this to your beauty treatments. Secondly is conditioner, now the product which I am talking about has actually ran out and its out of stock at our local super drug which makes me quite sad... but its the 'TRESemmé Keratin Deep Treatment Masque' I was late to jump on the Keratin / Coconut oil hair treatment band waggon but I'm glad I finally did. At the end of the week when I'm normally having a little beauty night I will wash my hair and put this treatment on before washing it off. Ive not ever really shopped around for another product like this but if I was you I would defiantly give this one a try! Finally for my 
hair product 'KMS Body Build Detangler' has been a product in my beauty box for a few years now, if you have thin hair like me this adds that extra lift of volume. Which even if its just a little lift will make all the difference with making your hair look healthier. This is applied the same as the 'milk_shake incredible milk' into towed dried hair, squirt into your hair trying to avoid the roots (it can make them greasy).

2. Giving it a good brush - 
Over brushing can cause the hair to fall out so make sure you don't over do it. However, you still need to do it enough to encourage the hair to re grow and to stop your ends from splitting. Try buying a 'Tangle Tizzer' hair brush, they are light on the hair and don't tug it all out in a big clump. Plus the one that I personally is tiny so that I can take it with me on the go without it taking up space and has a lid stopping hair getting all over my purse. 

3. Stop the Dryer - 
If you have the time to let your hair dry naturally do it! Hair dryers can cause damage due to the heat in which they give off causing your scalp to loose essential oils leaving the area dry sometimes sore. This will damage the hair follicles which leads to you guessed it hair loss. So although most times you will be in a rush not having time to sit around waiting for your hair to dry off then thats fine just make sure that if you do have the time - leave it be. I enjoyed going for walks down the beach in the summer (Yes with wet hair ) it would dry rather quick off the breeze in the air and the heat from the sun, as an added bonus the sea salt in the air would add a lift to my hair like the spray.

4. Go Lob - 
It may be the current trend to have your hair cut to shoulder length, and my post a few weeks back showing how much id had cut off had people asking me how I built up the courage to do it. Well I can tell you that after 4-5 weeks my full length and more has already came back but without the split ends. Having your hair cut shorter will give it the appearance of being thicker anyways, but the effects of cutting off all them split ends will leave your hair feeling so light ! It is also going to help your hair grow, which is why my hair has grown back so quickly. Even if its just an inch it will be worth it. 

5. Make a Mask - 
Sounds pretty disgusting, but I tired making my own hair mask a few months ago and the after results the two minutes I spent gagging whist putting it on. Its really simple to make and even the ingredients  mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil, olive oil and one egg. Try to get it all onto your hair and leave it on for about a half hour to an hour. tahdahh!

6. Eating Healthy - 
The biggest contributor to your hair looking luscious, sticking to a healthy balanced diet. I realised my biggest change to things like my hairs, nails, skin when I started realising that my body was just losing nutrients - BIG time. It lead to problems such as hair loss, I can remember one night pulling a full chunk of my hair out whilst just sitting on my bed it was very scary. Try including foods such as Eggs (for growth), Greek Yogurt (Vitamin B5) and Salmon (Omega -3, if like me you don't eat meat or fish try a tablet alternative). There are many other foods which help with things such as hair growth, so I do suggest you read into them. Eating a healthy diet is such a key essential in life, I wish I learnt the stuff I know now when I was younger cause id have mermaid locks by now.

7.Vitamin Alternative - 
On the market there are many alternatives to food (if your allergic or have a certain dietary option) mainly in vitamin form. Vitamins for hair growth and hair include a mixture of vitamin c, b vitamins, vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin d, iron, magnesium, protein, niacin, biotin and zinc. Do NOT go like taking all of these tablets on a daily basis, pick ones with other health benefits that adapt well to you these can be cheaper than buying a multi branded vitamin specific for hair however these are also a good choice. 

So there you go follow those 7 healthy happy hair tips and you will be well on your way to having Rapunzel worthy locks. Leave your tips down below if you have any others for people too give a try at. But until then ill see you all next week. Sorry on the delay on posts I'm currently in my final semester of the year and the work load is quite hefty. 
Thanks Ellie.  


  1. Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy El. Plus it looks amazing shorter really suits you!

    Love, Jess x

    1. Thanks hun, defiantly keeping the length for a while :) x

  2. I will definitely be using some of these tips myself, my hair is looking very lifeless at the moment!:( love this post!xx

  3. I actually do some of these things for my beard. Well, my wife makes me do them. LOL. I've been growing my beard out and she's been helping me by coming up with a few things for me to do. Like condition it, take a hair and beard vitamin using a weekly mask on it. I must say, my beard looks pretty extraordinary!

    Earl White @ Salon 241

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