Thursday, 31 March 2016

Birchbox Review │ March 2016

One of those things which have been considering trying out for a while. Last week, I finally caved and decided to subscribe! Im going to be opening the box along with you so that you too get to see what I get in this March 2016 box.
First off the ascetics, they have gone for this cute crossword print box with neon orange on the underneath. For the first month of spring, this box is matching to the season and I do have strong love for spring. However, there was a lot of packaging when it arrived at my door due to the fact I also ordered a full size item which I shall talk about at the end. But in totally I received three cardboard boxes which to me does feel like waste. 
Inside the crossword box (which I have actually solved but don't want to ruin the box), there was a little draw string bag containing the items.

First item, 'Beauty Protector Beauty Cream Body Lotion' Ive not been a one to invest much into hand creams or lotions, it just has never really been my kind of product. But these seems like a worthy investment to make. First impression was the smell, oh my! its floral with a hint of coco butter and I seriously just want to sit and sniff my hand all day. From this first use even my hands are feeling hydrated. Which I have been feeling the benefits from for around an hour now without the need to consider to re apply. I am going to work my way through this bottle and see how I feel, like I said I'm not one for investing in hand creams. That said I shall invest in this product if I see a dramatic difference to my skin of the duration of the next month. A full product retails at £10.90 and you can find the link .... HERE.

Moving along to the 'Doux Me Comforting Scrub Mask', I have been looking for a face scrub to work for me for a while now, after the winter season also due to my dry skin I normally am left with patches of dry skin on my face. These are rather stubborn and hard to get rid of, over the past few weeks I have been using the Liz Earle 'Gentle Skin Moisturiser' not to say I haven't enjoyed the product, however I would like to find a product that would work a smudge better. First impressions on the product, it suggest it smells like marshmallows - which it does not, yet what is better it smells like pina colada's which is the worlds best beverage. You can feel the scrub defiantly work, but I shall have to continue using the product until I see any effects. The full product retails at £18.00 if it comes out as being something which works at least a little better than the one I already had I will defiantly be purchasing. You can find the link......HERE.

Next item of the list 'ARROW BOOST Colour Enhancing Lip Balm' first thing that hit me about this company is that all there products are vegan, paraben-free and most importantly cruelty-free. Im trying to reduce all my daily beauty products down to cruelty-free and first impressions are looking good. I have actually been using this product for a few days now (I got too eager) and I have been loving the qualities of this lip balm. It has provided my lips hydration and if you have been following me for a while you will know every so often my lips will turn on me, becoming violently chapped. The hydration from this lip balm has been helping keep this at bay for a while now without aggravating my sensitive skin. I shall defiantly be purchasing this product again its retailed at £11.00 and you can find the link........ HERE.

Priciest product on the list up next which is the 'Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil'. This an overnight and daily treatment oil which you put 2-3 drops on your face and neck. Omega 3,6,7 and 9 all things which personally my skin will need, with me being a vegetarian this is something which my diet lacks. I have realised that there has been a change in my skin since I did make the dietary change.  Mainly in the beginning there was major spot break outs, when I lost the vitamins and proteins that where in my usual diet. This is another product I really hope to stick to over the course of the next few weeks, see if theres any changes in my skin quality. I would probably not however re purchase this product, one I am not at all a fan of the constancy and the colour.... at all, also a full price bottle would set you back £58.00. Id much rather stick to vitamin supplements, but I will of course for the individuals who find this product interesting let you know how this works, heres the link ........ HERE.

Bit of a mouthful 'Number 4 Lumiere d'hived Reconstructing Masque', I'm not going to lie when I opened the sample of this product to take images I was convinced that this Masque was for the face. Probably due to the fact that I am so stressed with reading through my essay I couldn't focus on the small print. oopps. I got highlights in my hair for the first time last week, so I am very excited to give this a trial run. My hair has been rather dry since I had this done but I am loving the overall colour of my hair. Ive been trying conditioner and that only has lasting effects for a few hours, but I am excited to give this a try just by reading what it contains, soy protein, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and silicone polymers. That excites me, I've always been a lover of hair products. If I continue to get my hair done every few months then this is defiantly a product that I shall consider re purchasing, I just need to see if it works any better than my conditioner. It costs £36.00 for a full bottle and you can find the link......HERE.

Finally we come to my favourite product out of the ones I received 'ModelCo More Brows (light to medium)'. The whole thick perfect brow trend is seeming to be coming towards an end, but that is still no excuse to keeping them in shape. I do get mine shaped, waxed and dyed as often as possible. Yet when it comes to daily make up I prefer to keep my look natural so normally use the Benefit Gimme Brow which is basically the same exact idea as this product. I can already say that for me this product works so much better than the benefit one I purchased around a year ago and I don't think that it has ran out, it has a larger volume of the fibres which thicken my brows just slightly. It even drys hard on my hair without looking like its stiff to keep them in place all day. Especially at a price of £13.00 I can say I shall be repurchasing once this one has ran out, since its a full size sample I can't see it running out anytime soon, you can find the link......HERE.

As i said in the beginning I also received a full size bottle of 'BioDerma Make-up Removing Solution', this was an offer in which I received and its actually the reason I ended up purchasing the Birchbox in the first place. I got this product because in my monthly favourites on my youtube channel I showed the 'Garnier Micellar Water', and I received a few messages telling me that the higher priced answer to the product was the Garnier was intact this product here which retails at £10.50 where as the other is currently on a £1 offer at Boots UK. So far I am impressed, I cannot see any significant differences between the two but I do like the quality of the 'BioDerma' better, it feels like more of a treatment to my skin whist using it and is slightly better at removing product from my face. If you are interested you can find the product ........HERE.

Reviewing this box has already got me excited to see what next month has to offer, I will be continuing my subscription for as long as I can. I hope you have enjoyed having a look into what these mystery beauty boxes have to offer. This is the first time I have ever purchased a product box like this and I'm very impressed with what birch box has had to offer. I would love to try another company some day but for now I want to stick to this one :) Enjoy the rest of your week guys I shall see you soon. Until then have a check on my new youtube!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Studying Tips │ University Life

Long time no see.
Well since I have been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks I thought I would help you over students out with some helpful studying tips. Wether you are in High school, Collage or University I'm just going to throw a bunch of tips your way that can help you out.

1. Background Distractions
Music, Movies, Nexflix all things which can take your mind away from what you are doing without actually stopping you from doing work. Throughout my GCSEs I must have watched a number of disney movies on repeat, as for now I am watching the entire box set of friends. Just find something interesting and keep the volume a bit lower than normal and your all sorted.

2. Take a Break..
...have a kit kat. In all seriousness your mind need to take a breather, even if its just for 5 minutes. Ive just took my dog out for a little walk around the block and am now sitting down with a cup of tea writing this before I go back into my 1500 word essay (which is due in the day before my birthday - Great).

3. Keeping Organised
Making a chart is always the best way to resolve this one, no matter what course or subject you are doing. Being a coursework based degree, I have to jump from module to module. By making a chart for my wall I can mark out what module I am going to focus on for the next few hours before moving on to the next one. It can also help to keep your work space tidy keeps your mind focused, it may take sometime away from doing work but its going to help you to be more productive.

4. Write in Colourful Pens
Get you hands on some nice colourful pens, might sound so strange but if you are to look back at your works your notes will look all fancy. Making them nicer to look at might help you take them in a bit better! Being artistic with how you write your notes including handwriting and drawings will also help when looking back in revising.

5. Study Buddy
Sometimes this can be a helping hand other times it can just be a distraction, in my course I like to go out with my friends and building up my portfolio with picture of them. Other times it can lead people to be distracted all of the time and end up doing something completely non related to the subject, so make sure you remember studying first then endless hours of watching box sets with popcorn.

6. Goodbye Social Media
Get your phone out of sight! If you need to use a laptop or computer then block all your social sites until you have finished working. Put the calendar to good use, make sure you a lot some time out of it to sit and use your social apps but once that time is over back to studying / sleeping. Placing your phone far away, on silent or even off can help take your mind off cause that *PING* can make your brain just need to check what has happened.

7. Picky Foods
If your dieting I'm sorry but even healthy food can be a good one to use for this tip. Give yourself a bowl of some carrots, crisps, chocolate whatever your favourite snack food is use it to pick on whist your studying. Another good tip is gum, I would often chew gum whist revising or in exams can help you relax a little and concentrate more.

8. Get a Good Night Sleep
Sleep is important anytime. But if you are working behind a screen or constantly keeping your mind  awake by doing work then you are going to need to rest it well. Non of this coffee crap, it doesn't work! trust me. I haven't had coffee in a week and this morning I caved, long story short I'm on the biggest coffee crash I've ever experienced. Make a bedtime and stick to it, even if you only get 5 hours it better than nothing at all that can make things worse than they already are.

9. Making Plans
Give yourself something to look forward to once all your revision / exams are over then you are going to have more motivation to get through with it all. Then once its all over and done with you will have the biggest sigh of relief. Im currently planning a trip to Amsterdam, even if its not final I'm still so excited to put all the books in the draw till next September and actually get there. Not only just trips as big as Amsterdam but even nights out with your friends, my bestie is due home a few days before my final so the day we get to go have a night out shall be spectacular.

10. Most importantly - Stay positive
Remind yourself, its only an exam! There not going to change your life dramatically if its not meant to be, its not meant to be. Keep thinking happy thoughts which I know can seem hard, but don't get yourself on a spiral downwards. Its going to make you and everyone around you feel bad too. I love the life motto, everything happens for a reason, stick to it.

Thank you for sticking with me whist I do all my uni work I really appreciate it, Until next time.
Ellie x

Monday, 7 March 2016

Styling Summer Shorts │ Denim Boutique

Fancy getting yourself a little bit of discount?
Well I have a treat for you. Wait till the end of this post and grab yourself 20% off 'Denim Boutique'.
If you are going away for Spring break or just looking on how to style your new summer shorts then I have a few little ideas below on how I would personally style three different pairs of shorts, all of the items shown in the image will be listed below the images.

Jumper : Cheap Monday
Shorts : Topshop 

Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Top - Topshop
Shorts - River Island

Shirt - New Look
Shorts - River Island
Whats your thoughts? This is the first styling post I have done so let me know your thoughts. This is what you are all here for if you fancy getting 20% off anything from Denim Boutique on the asos market place then make sure you type in the code 'ellekate' when you hit the checkout ;) 
Until next time x

Mothers Day Walks │ Photography

Happy Mothers Day,
Today I was still not feeling well but we took to the road and went to Bamburgh beach, which if you have never had the chance to go there it possibly my favourite beach in the UK and we have some pretty spectacular beaches. We didn't go for very long it only takes us about an hours car journey to get up there but it was a nice way to spend it with my mum. Driving up there was a little bit of a challenge as our dog (Buddy) hates car journeys so was panting the whole way up there, hopefully with sometime he will start getting use to the them. I was surprised when we hit the Seahouses just how quite it was, so by the time we got to Bamburgh there was plenty of places to park, this is normally not the case I missed the hustle and bustle thats normally around the place. We walked down a back lane, filled with beautiful cottages that you can rent out for the summer we are considering seeing if there is one free for the end of the holidays, before going into the village where the castle looms over the place on the cliffs. In the past we have been into the castle grounds but we didn't have the time (plus the dog) today but if you ever have the chance have a look around inside because some of the architecture is breath taking. We walked through the dunes and onto the beach, it was windy and cold but still so peaceful. Taking a little walk by the water and having a rest on the sand was what I have been needing for a few days, some good old fresh air before heading back up to the car.
Getting the dog back into the car was the best bit, he screamed! Its a little bit embarrassing cause I'm sure the old couple eating there sandwiches in the dunes were suspecting that we had stolen him. Since he seemed so worked up we made our way back in land and up to Alnwick which is around 10-15 minutes up the road from Bamburgh. Not to the castle and gardens today though as they don't allow dogs. We got there and the place was dead, another shock considering its Mothers day but never the less we made the most of it and headed to The Dirty Bottle. Its an old pub in the centre of the town it has a window which hasn't been opened or changed since 1770 (I think) as the land lord dropped dead after touching it, inside the place however, has been done up very nice indeed with neon lights and a self service beer tap. After a rather strong amaretto sours it was time to head home.
Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took from the trip, I will include them all below... I also tried to get some video footage which I will try and edit together.
Until next time.
Ellie x