Monday, 29 February 2016

Introducing the Diamond Room │ Gemporia

Good Morning all,
Now, this post is rather different to the ones I would normally put on my site. However, I think that you will enjoy this one. If you direct your memories back a few weeks you will remember that I did a collaboration with the company 'Gemporia' a site dedicated to getting you beautiful gems for a affordable price (Who could say no to that right). Well the people at Gemporia have contacted me again this week to tell me all about there latest addition to the brand, The Diamond Room. Not launching until the 4th March 2016 this is a little sneaky peek into how this will work, basically the technology will allow you to get an bespoke in-store experience without having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are anything like me you will choose online shopping over having to go all the way into a store even if it means you get to see how the product looks when you have it right in front of you, thats where 'The Diamond Room' comes in handy because you are getting that actually view of the product. The service will be LIVE 1pm till 1am UK time 7 Days a week. I think this is going to work best for those who will be wanting to 'pop the question' as it allows you too do it in your own time no excuses made apart from why you have deleted your internet history...
Also girls this leap year so don't be scared to be the one to get down on one knee! But for me being the 18 year old I am, this will also work well for me as Gemporia offer a range of Diamond stacking rings which are to die for beautiful perfect for getting a sibling or best friend as a gift. Mothers day is also one week away, my mum loves anything dainty but full of character like myself so I sure she would love a little something from there personalised service so I could have some expert help to ensure I get her the right one!
So what do you think? Will you be using the Gemporia Diamond Room?
Let me know, Until then have a great week!

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