Friday, 5 February 2016

Everyday Make-up Tutorial │ Perfectionist

Hi Guys,
Today I had planned to write up a post on my everyday beauty routine, however this didn't exactly go to plan. You see I am aware that this blog is becoming a more popular thing I've starting becoming more of a well perfectionist. Is this a bad thing? personally I don't, I see it as I am now setting higher boundaries for the standard of my work. I have always been somebody who sets themselves too much work for one project and then expects it all to be of the highest quality, has it been hard yeah. I think I have a thing as funny as it sounds with how I do things, I just like to have everything done in a certain way and I hope that you guys can understand that sometimes I find it harder to put post up on time or frequently just as I like to make sure that its up to the best standard that it can be before I put it up. Its probably the reason that I did end up deleting half of my all time posts, this doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy the actual content just it wasn't up to my standard. This happens with all my social media, personal life, my room, my organisation and even my uni work. What I am saying is nothing is perfect and neither am I, I'm thankful for how far I have came with my blog but now I feel like it is of high time I take my next step and start investing more into what I do with my blog etc. Somethings you just have to get off your chest I guess, but onwards and upwards. I did create a video for the post on my everyday makeup look, its not the best but I am happy with how it turned out seeing as I am new to this whole video editing thing. Here are the photos I was happy with and the links to the video on my Youtube page. 
Thanks for all the support, it really means a lot. 
Ellie x

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  1. This makeup looks beautiful and natural! Great look!