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Magnitone 'Full Monty' Review │ Beauty

New year, New Beauty,
Ive been on the search for making this the year I finally crack down with caring for my body inside and out. This all started with beauty products. One Christmas eve there was a knock on the door which the lovely people at Magnitone had sent me there 'Full Monty' cleansing brush for me to review. Using Vibra - Sonic technology this brush with there three interchanging heads and various motion settings helps buff, exfoliate and cleanse your skin to beaming brilliance seeing changes from the first use.

Opening this product it comes with the face and body brush, wireless charging cradle, 12 month warranty card and the three heads which are... Active Clean brush head, The Exfoliation head and Well Heeled Pedicure head. The packaging that hold the product is well designed, its modern and I enjoy the illustration of the brush on the front of the box. Packaging is something which always draws me to check out something in the first place. It is suggested that you do charge the brush in its charging cradle for about 24 hours, not going to lie I had each brush a little whirl before I did (I'm sorry).

How to use!
My favourite use for the brush is the face cleansing, which I have been using for about three weeks now and I can seriously feel the difference in my skin. Normally I will have big blotchy dry patches at this time of year with the cold wind and full blast central heating, but I have only got a bit of peeling around the top of my nose which could be to do with the fact I haven't left my bed in the past week with having the flu. If you have makeup on wash that all off like you normally would, washing your face with some warm water. Get your brush head on - I'm currently using the 'Silk Bliss' head which I will talk about later. Get a bowl of water or just use the sink and dip the head into the water to make sure its damp, place your cleanser onto the brush and you're ready to buzz away! (Cleanser used, Dermalogica UltraCalming cleanser) The various settings are hard to explain in writing but there is ones for all the various brushes you get with the 'Full Monty' and other in which you can buy online. Theres no need to scrub your face with this device just gently guide over the skin, a short beep can be heard when you are ready to move onto the next section of your face after the third beep the brush will stop buzzing and off you go.
The device is easily charged using the wireless charging cradle, you will know when it is ready to use when the centre of the device is fully lit up and when it is ready for a charge it will glow red to let you know.

Now I could give you a whole list of each and every aspect of the brush and my actual thoughts or I could just get straight to the point, Its worth the buzz! I have seen a real difference in the quality of my skin on my face and on my arms which, I use before applying my Pixi Glow Tonic it doesn't take loads of scientific knowledge and easy to use and great for storage. If that wasn't great enough the beautiful people down at Magnitone HQ announced I was the #BuzzFace for the month and sent me four extra brushes. I chose two Silk Bliss heads, another The Exfoliation head and finally The Stimulator. I haven't had the chance to give these two new ones a full whirl as I received them a few days back. Despite this from what I have had in use the Silk Bliss head I would recommend to those with sensitive skin, the active cleanse brush caused me no aggravation despite me having sensitive skin however you can feel a difference between the two products, if you have trouble with aggravation I would suggest The Silk Bliss head just to be on the safe side. The Stimulator used alongside the pulsation setting on the device allows you to get that much needed post christmas facial workout, Im so exciting to give this one a whirl! Cause although the gym is doing its job these puffy cheeks need to be gone by New York. On the Magnitone site you can purchase there whole range of brush products, even new and cool extra heads for your device I have personally put the travel case and shower holder onto my birthday wish list.

So there you have it! Let me know if you would like to know anything at all about this brush I am open to all questions on the subject, I'm your try before you buy gurl. Enjoy the rest of the week and I shall be back with you all shortly, but I do apologies if there are delays with updates I am back at Uni now and its stress central with all these deadlines.
*All items where sent to review but all words are my own directed by myself*

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  1. This is such a handy tool!! I have been seeing so many face cleansing brushes

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