Friday, 8 January 2016

Becoming a Morning Person│Organisation

Time to get back into a daily routine.
Maybe your new years resolution is to become more organised in life or getting back into a daily routine. Myself personally, I'm feeling a bit confused with my schedule or what day of the week it may or may not be soooo I have been desperately trying to regain some of motivation to become well a 'morning person'. 
These are the top tips that I have gathered together which have been seriously helping me getting back onto my feet. 

Sleep routine. 
Night owls beware, this step will be the trickiest if you enjoy sitting up watching Netflix until 3.30 am. If you're going to do you need to do it properly, making a routine will help relax your body down and get you sleeping like a lamb before 11pm in no time. 
  • Set a bedtime hour (placing an alarm in your phone will make this task a lot easier)
  • No mobile phone, computers or tv at least half an hour before you go to sleep. You don't want to start the endless cycle of scrolling social media whilst lying in bed it will keep your brain awake. 
  • If you struggle to stay off your phone or technology, placing it on mute or on charge somewhere else in the room will stop you wanting to constantly check it. 
  • Reading 
  • Meditation 
  • Not doing to much physical activity or drinking caffeine 2 hours before bed

Waking up. 
Wether you are off to work / school early or just trying to make a new habit for yourself, the most crucial part of waking up early is making sure you actually wake up so you are going to want to set your alarm for about 7 - 7.30 or if needs be earlier. I want one of those run away alarms that makes you get out of bed to search for it, but putting your phone alarm on placed some where else in your room will work as well.

Making a morning routine. 
Writing down a morning routine will help kick start your day and get a bit more organised with your schedule. My personal morning routine is...
  • Morning yoga stretches
  • Getting some scrumptious breakfast
  • Shower
  • Plan a day outfit 
  • Get ready 
  • Plan a day plan
  • (coffee, coffee, coffee & cats)

Hopefully keeping to this routine will help you keep motivated and organised for the rest of the day. I am going to be writing a series of organisation post, as I am trying to become more organised with my life I will be sharing my tips as to what I found easiest to stick to and helped me. But let me know what you think about this post? Are you a morning person? 

Thanks Ellie x


  1. I'm slowly and steadily becoming a morning person, but its very hard. Thank you for the tips, I think yoga is on my list to start doing.


    1. Same its a lot more difficult than I thought, check out pinterest they have great yoga routines that are easy to follow :) x

  2. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.

  3. Gorgeous photos, wish I could be this organised!