Saturday, 30 January 2016

Fresh Cut │Hair & Beauty

Like everybody, we all have them times when we get a bit sick of the same old look. Even though it has taken around three-four years for me to grow it to the length that it was. I'm following the trend and gone for the short cut. Mainly because its top trend at the moment, however, I didn't realise just how much I needed it! It is only now that it has gone that I realise just how bad the condition of my end where, plus it's feeling so thick and healthy. Anyways I am blabbering on, I've had five inches snipped off and some layering around my fringe so it holds nicer around my face. Let me know what you think x

Monday, 25 January 2016

Seaside walks │ Photography

Slightly different post today,
I've been trying to get back into the swing of everything over these past few week but honestly I'm grouchy and tired, not only that but I haven't been well for a few months now, I'm sick of it and felt like the best answer to the situation would be some fresh air and a brisk walk. Also, I decided to bring my trusty camera along for the ride resulting in these. Hope you enjoy x

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Magnitone 'Full Monty' Review │ Beauty

New year, New Beauty,
Ive been on the search for making this the year I finally crack down with caring for my body inside and out. This all started with beauty products. One Christmas eve there was a knock on the door which the lovely people at Magnitone had sent me there 'Full Monty' cleansing brush for me to review. Using Vibra - Sonic technology this brush with there three interchanging heads and various motion settings helps buff, exfoliate and cleanse your skin to beaming brilliance seeing changes from the first use.

Opening this product it comes with the face and body brush, wireless charging cradle, 12 month warranty card and the three heads which are... Active Clean brush head, The Exfoliation head and Well Heeled Pedicure head. The packaging that hold the product is well designed, its modern and I enjoy the illustration of the brush on the front of the box. Packaging is something which always draws me to check out something in the first place. It is suggested that you do charge the brush in its charging cradle for about 24 hours, not going to lie I had each brush a little whirl before I did (I'm sorry).

How to use!
My favourite use for the brush is the face cleansing, which I have been using for about three weeks now and I can seriously feel the difference in my skin. Normally I will have big blotchy dry patches at this time of year with the cold wind and full blast central heating, but I have only got a bit of peeling around the top of my nose which could be to do with the fact I haven't left my bed in the past week with having the flu. If you have makeup on wash that all off like you normally would, washing your face with some warm water. Get your brush head on - I'm currently using the 'Silk Bliss' head which I will talk about later. Get a bowl of water or just use the sink and dip the head into the water to make sure its damp, place your cleanser onto the brush and you're ready to buzz away! (Cleanser used, Dermalogica UltraCalming cleanser) The various settings are hard to explain in writing but there is ones for all the various brushes you get with the 'Full Monty' and other in which you can buy online. Theres no need to scrub your face with this device just gently guide over the skin, a short beep can be heard when you are ready to move onto the next section of your face after the third beep the brush will stop buzzing and off you go.
The device is easily charged using the wireless charging cradle, you will know when it is ready to use when the centre of the device is fully lit up and when it is ready for a charge it will glow red to let you know.

Now I could give you a whole list of each and every aspect of the brush and my actual thoughts or I could just get straight to the point, Its worth the buzz! I have seen a real difference in the quality of my skin on my face and on my arms which, I use before applying my Pixi Glow Tonic it doesn't take loads of scientific knowledge and easy to use and great for storage. If that wasn't great enough the beautiful people down at Magnitone HQ announced I was the #BuzzFace for the month and sent me four extra brushes. I chose two Silk Bliss heads, another The Exfoliation head and finally The Stimulator. I haven't had the chance to give these two new ones a full whirl as I received them a few days back. Despite this from what I have had in use the Silk Bliss head I would recommend to those with sensitive skin, the active cleanse brush caused me no aggravation despite me having sensitive skin however you can feel a difference between the two products, if you have trouble with aggravation I would suggest The Silk Bliss head just to be on the safe side. The Stimulator used alongside the pulsation setting on the device allows you to get that much needed post christmas facial workout, Im so exciting to give this one a whirl! Cause although the gym is doing its job these puffy cheeks need to be gone by New York. On the Magnitone site you can purchase there whole range of brush products, even new and cool extra heads for your device I have personally put the travel case and shower holder onto my birthday wish list.

So there you have it! Let me know if you would like to know anything at all about this brush I am open to all questions on the subject, I'm your try before you buy gurl. Enjoy the rest of the week and I shall be back with you all shortly, but I do apologies if there are delays with updates I am back at Uni now and its stress central with all these deadlines.
*All items where sent to review but all words are my own directed by myself*

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Friday, 8 January 2016

Becoming a Morning Person│Organisation

Time to get back into a daily routine.
Maybe your new years resolution is to become more organised in life or getting back into a daily routine. Myself personally, I'm feeling a bit confused with my schedule or what day of the week it may or may not be soooo I have been desperately trying to regain some of motivation to become well a 'morning person'. 
These are the top tips that I have gathered together which have been seriously helping me getting back onto my feet. 

Sleep routine. 
Night owls beware, this step will be the trickiest if you enjoy sitting up watching Netflix until 3.30 am. If you're going to do you need to do it properly, making a routine will help relax your body down and get you sleeping like a lamb before 11pm in no time. 
  • Set a bedtime hour (placing an alarm in your phone will make this task a lot easier)
  • No mobile phone, computers or tv at least half an hour before you go to sleep. You don't want to start the endless cycle of scrolling social media whilst lying in bed it will keep your brain awake. 
  • If you struggle to stay off your phone or technology, placing it on mute or on charge somewhere else in the room will stop you wanting to constantly check it. 
  • Reading 
  • Meditation 
  • Not doing to much physical activity or drinking caffeine 2 hours before bed

Waking up. 
Wether you are off to work / school early or just trying to make a new habit for yourself, the most crucial part of waking up early is making sure you actually wake up so you are going to want to set your alarm for about 7 - 7.30 or if needs be earlier. I want one of those run away alarms that makes you get out of bed to search for it, but putting your phone alarm on placed some where else in your room will work as well.

Making a morning routine. 
Writing down a morning routine will help kick start your day and get a bit more organised with your schedule. My personal morning routine is...
  • Morning yoga stretches
  • Getting some scrumptious breakfast
  • Shower
  • Plan a day outfit 
  • Get ready 
  • Plan a day plan
  • (coffee, coffee, coffee & cats)

Hopefully keeping to this routine will help you keep motivated and organised for the rest of the day. I am going to be writing a series of organisation post, as I am trying to become more organised with my life I will be sharing my tips as to what I found easiest to stick to and helped me. But let me know what you think about this post? Are you a morning person? 

Thanks Ellie x

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Goodnight 2015

Dear 2015,
Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, on the first few pages we didn't see eye to eye. Shutting the door to may people around me constantly just working or studying I got lost to what was really important, myself. It didn't take long for that to change, when I got matched with boyfriend by my best friend, our first date being possibly one of the most nervous days of my life the second we got to talking that all changed sitting there for over several hours just talking, not looking back. I think my year would have been such a different tale without that so thanks.
On one of our first few dates we got to meet The Script, I think my heart sank when I saw Danny being my childhood celebrity crush all that came out my mouth was laughter, I've realised that when it come to meeting new people or famous ill either laugh or mumble complete nonsense... I have learnt a lot about myself this year and changed which I guess is what happens with age.

Speaking of age on the 9th April I turned 18 years old, I'm officially a young adult. I had an amazing few weeks it all began down London, staying in a hotel on the south bank, days of shopping, good food, quality family time and I got to meet McBusted another childhood throwback had me holding my head in my hands, it was surreal if I'm honest nothing has ever really sank in not even if I replay the voice recording of them telling me happy birthday. Back home I got birthday gift I am more than grateful for including a book from the fiat 500 garage including the money for me to put a deposit down on my first car, and a bottle of Moët that honestly I am scared to ever drink incase it isn't the correct occasion. That night I got tickets to another concert for Nathan Sykes, where I bought my first legal drink and didn't even get asked for my ID, followed by of course a night out with my friends which was followed by many others and honestly I don't remember most of them.

Three weeks after my birthday, on my third try I managed to pass my driving test and finally get to drive my first car. It was the scariest moment of my life when I turned to him because I had convinced myself that if that was to be another fail, I was going to give it all up. I have learnt to stop doubting what I can achieve, because as I'm sitting here reflecting on it all I cannot believe all that I have managed to overcome in such a short space of time... including getting a D*D*D diploma in Fashion Business back in May with my final show being something I was so proud of, standing back and seeing what I could do if I put in a real effort. That was followed by an incredible summer spent mostly at the beach and an unconditional offer to Northumbria University to study Fashion Communication, the day that came through I can remember speechlessly running around the house screaming at my mum for all she knew was no apparent reason.

Jack and I spent our six month anniversary afternoon at a cat cafe on the quayside, it was such a nice sunny day was so nice to be able to walk around the whole of the city just kinda lose track of time, it seems like it was yesterday which is quite scary as to how fast the rest of the year went and its also so cold so I could do with the warmth. Shortly after was the arrival of my Auntie and Uncle from Australia having them here in the UK, and surprising my grandpa by just showing up at their front door was a big highlight to my year. We got to have dinner a few nights, enjoy family time and had a lovely trip to durham with them both which I wrote a post all about. I cannot wait to go over to Australia and see them!

Summer was finished by a weeks holiday to the sunshine state of Florida, we took the most of our time together just incase this was the last vacation we would have together alone. We stayed in the Universal Resort Lowes Royal Pacific, so spent most of our time wandering around the parks I have written a post all about this adventure as well. Then September came and it was time to start my time as a University student, Im not going to lie I have found it really challenging these past three months with getting settled in. Im officially in further education, after this is the real world and I'm scared, not knowing what is going to happen in the future is a daunting prospect especially when I feel like it's approaching so fast. Ive struggled I'm not going to lie, amongst the work load and me generally being an over thinker its been challenging, but now having my time off to think everything through Im ready to give my next semester my best shot!

The last two highlights off my year where trips, the first was I took Jack to Edinburgh as a little birthday gift the second was him taking me to London to the Harry Potter studios for an early Christmas present which he absolutely nailed I couldn't have asked for a better couple of nights in the capital to round up the year before christmas.

So yeah, 2015 you have taught me so much in such a short space of time and I cannot believe you are gone so quickly.
And I wouldn't have asked to end it any other way, thanks 2015 x