Monday, 19 December 2016

Clothes Show Live 2016 │ ELLEKATE

So two sundays back,

Had to be one of the best days. If you didn't read my last post, I was asked if I would like to attend clothes show live as a blogger (which was pretty darn cool). So I and the family made the day-long round trip to Birmingham NEC to get to go attend this event.

We didn't arrive until 12 pm which is a shame, as I would have love to have been there from the start. However, this didn't change our experience we still had a lovely time. We booked in for a fashion show and went to have a look around the event and try to grab some deals. Overall there were so much amazing unheard brands that really deserved some more recognition and then the bigger names as well which were putting out some great deals for their customers, such as £10 Barry M goodie bags!

I could sit here and talk to you all day about each individual store that we went to and what I loved from them, but then you'd be bored and I would have blisters from typing too much. Which is why I decided to make a vlog of the event *cue music*. I'll edit it, and have it uploaded to youtube within the next few days. stay tuned. But until then I will fill you in on a few of my highlights of the event.

Inside the blogger lounge, there was a company named Freya, who are a lingerie and swimwear company. There was a lovely girl who worked with them and I didn't catch her name! But she helped me with a bra fitting, turns out I am actually currently wearing a bra three cup sizes too big. They also gave me a lovely little slip but I will show you all that in a little haul in a few days.

Next, there was a stand which was selling a product which you rub over your skin and it just makes your hair, disappear! Another product which I will go through on another post but it's like magic I cannot remember the name of the place so ill have to search the web for my next post.

Finally, there was the show itself. I was expecting just general high street styles modeled on the catwalk for the latest trends, which there was. But then there was a segment of the show, which just blew me and my sister away. I will put the images which I took below. Men in fur bomber jacket, something I never thought would work but they all actually rocked it! Might have to convince Jack to get one.

So there it is a mini wrap up of my time at Clothes Show Live 2016, that is, unfortunately, the last one that will be held in Birmingham and next July the show will be moving to Liverpool. Sad, but at least it is not the end! I will put a link below to where you can buy tickets for the Liverpool event. I would just like to thank all of the organizers at Clothes Show for letting me attend this event, it was an amazing experience and made me realize I'm a valued blogger, little mention to Mar for sending me these passes and overall just making our experience a great one.
Until next time thanks for reading X

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Vlogmas + Clothes Show Live │ Life Updates

Good Afternoon all,
So! I am currently working towards my final hand in's for this semester at University, I am for that reason going to be a bit inactive on the blog and my other social media's. But that will be all over by December 15th and I'm counting down the day's, as I have a pretty exciting December lined up for you all. I have decided maybe that it was time to take part in Vlog / Blogmas as I have never taken part in my time blogging, and though there is a lot of time involved it seems to be a fun thing to take part in. If you are wanting to subscribe to my Youtube channel, then I have left all links at the bottom of this post. 
I am also attending Clothes Show Live ! wowwoo, I haven't been since a school trip during my GCSE's so I am pretty darn excited. I will be attending on December Monday 5th, road trips around the country are always my favorite. Yeah. Apart from that, there isn't much to update you all with if you don't know what Clothes Show Live is, or are still wanting to attend the event I have left the link below this post. So, as towards the end of all semesters please deal with me whilst I am putting my heart into Uni. Cannot wait for the next month !

Ellie X

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Night at the Tipi │ Hadrian's Tipi

A festive pop-up bar has arrived in Newcastle city centre for the Christmas period. Not going to lie, I'm a sucker for anything that's novelty and that exactly why I couldn't wait to head over and try the place out. 
Not seeing my collage girls in over a year was the perfect opportunity to head out for drinks and a catch up. 
We decided to make this quite an early night with it being a Friday, which now I am glad that we did as even for 5 the place was packed. After all its just a pop up. Luckily once we had gotten our drinks some seats came free around the big open fire in the centre of the tipi, which we snatched up immediately. Having the big open fire to sit around was a lovely experience, not only was it nice to talk amongst ourselves, but the other friendly locals around the fire pit were up for a good laugh. At this point my only negative was the price of the drinks, I was well aware that there was going to be a slight expense on the drinks with the novelty of the place. Just for any one who is wanting to head down to Hadrian's, I paid £5.80 for a single Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. 
Also on offer was a selection of Ales, Beers, Spirits, Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider and also a selection of bottles. As far as a pop-up goes they have put a lot of thought into what beverages they have on offer as well as the look of the venue, food on offer etc. 
After a few hours of enjoying the company by the fire, the place started to fill up a little bit more. At this point we decided that it would be time to head home, that was the only other negative to our experience that since there wasn't many seats on offer to all the people just walking into the venue so we were a little bit jumped on once we went to stand up, but who could blame them our seats were beautiful. 
When we were walking out we noticed a wooden shack at the end of the tipi, which turned out to be serving food. I normally just have the 'chips' option from these kinda things, with myself being a vegetarian. Low and behold they actually served up Vegan Sausages, catering to everyone. Ill leave a photo of the menu below, at the time I had already eaten so wasn't up for another meal. That will not stop me returning to try out some of the food, as the stall smelt unbelievable. I found out from a girl standing next to me that the winter warmer topping is actually Brie and Cranberry, how heavenly. As you can see from the menu below the food prices weren't to bad either. (And they do breakfast!) 
So that was my first impressions of the Hadrian's Tipi, which I expect will be there till around January time being set up for the Christmas period. I would highly recommend that people head down there and give it a try! I have put some photos below of our little trip. But enjoy the rest of your week everyone. The countdown to Christmas begins.
El X

Friday, 11 November 2016

Adore Me │ Fall Love Book

So I'm back again with one of my all time favourite companies, Adore me. If you cast your mind back to last winter. I did a post called the 'The Nightwear Before Christmas', showing all my favourites from their latest collection that I would love to have owned along with all the things I love to do on the night before Christmas. This time I am back working with them, but on a fall inspiration board.

Personally, I feel so much better heading out for the day with a matching set of underwear (even though nobody can see it) and some nice shade of lipstick to match along with it. Same goes for when I'm ready to bed, with some matching PJ's. So, in light of that I have a little board here below, showing how I would pair my favourite fall beauty trends along side some fantastic bras and even some sexy sleepwear! Hope you enjoy. If you want any of the items shown below, ill list them below the mood board as for the images they are all sourced from Pinterest.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below, Ive also placed in a few Instagram images below of other items from Adore Me which helped inspire me for this Mood Board. There website can be found at

Until next time! Thanks Guys. X

Friday, 28 October 2016

Stuck in the Upside Down │ Day Trip Away

Nope this isn't a Stranger Things related post,
I just enjoyed the reference... sorry.

Lately, there has been a hell of a lot of University work and I wouldn't mind being able to just maintaining that but there has been other issues surrounding the past month and I felt like there was something I needed to do to refresh my mind. Get some clarity.

Since we are in the half term, me and Jack decided to get away for the afternoon and go somewhere nice. When I was little I always wanted to run off to the Lake District when ever there was something bothering me, and so I kinda put that suggestion in there.

I dont wanna go into detail about other surrounding bothering problems as this is a happiness blog !

I promise that today was kinda a step as to what I personally needed to get back onto my personal path to mindfulness. And, that is what am trying to get at with this post. Though, things can sometimes be not so great, always make time to do even one thing that makes you happy. It can be simple little things, for example the other day I took a break from my University work and painted a pumpkin. Because, why not?

Just a little small update for you all though, thought it would be nice to drop by and post something. I understand from twitter etc, a lot of you all are now at University (like myself), and I know how it feels to have the work load, personal pressures and all that jazz. So take note from this. If you want to be able to 'survive uni', timing is something you need to get the grasp of. Especially when times like these come up and your not feeling so great, you can take those five minutes to say Im going to go do something for me this afternoon.

Be Positive and Stay Happy. Best words of advice.

So this post isn't all jibber jabber, I've included photos from this afternoons trip for you all to have a neb at. So enjoy, I have a few collaborations coming up over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Ellie X

Monday, 17 October 2016

Snapchat Deer Makeup Look │Halloween Series

This week I decided to get back into the whole swing of youtube. So with Halloween just two weeks away, with the help of a higher quality camera I've been working on this brand new video. I will admit it is rather quick and theres not any voice over, so if you do have any questions about how I made the look work, or what products I used, please ask below this post or below the video. I will be trying my best to getting back into the swing of youtube but with uni it was getting progressively hard.
Anyways please do enjoy this video. Until next time Xox

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Goodbye Cruelty │ ELLEKATE

Good Afternoon,
Slightly off topic today but I think this is defiantly a subject that I would like to discuss on here. That topic being animal cruelty, and what I'm doing with my personal life to stop all that. Since of around April of this year there has been a real change in attitude of how I feel about certain products and lifestyle choices that not only have been noticed by myself but by friends and family members. Around 2 years ago, I turned Vegetarian. It wasn't a long coming decision although I didn't really ever eat red meat even as a child, it was very much over night. Since that day I have been completely happy with the choice I had made.
Around this time was also when I got my first job, this did eventually turn into two jobs (somehow) which meant for a 17 year old I was making quite a good wage. With that I wanted to buy the jacket of my dreams, I had wanted this ever since I had gotten into fashion and also looking up to my mothers style. So I made a good investment with an All Saints Cargo Leather Jacket. I loved it, honestly to this day it is my go to jacket. And I'm pleased that I still like it as much as I do because my perception on actually having saved up all that money for an item made of leather is something in the past 8-10 months has completely changed.
Then there was getting my baby, Buddy, he is a 4 year old beagle. From loving animals from a young age I wanted a puppy since I was a little girl. Being my mum and dads finally decision on what bread we got, they decided since my dad grew up with beagles it would be a good family decision. Since I got him, he has opened my eyes really to how cruel this world actually can be. Beagle Freedom Project and PETA kinda led me from there as far as hashtags related to my own images. It showed me that puppy's not much different from my own, yes beagles. Are bred in horrific conditions, all to spend there lives inside of cages and be tested on... all for beauty products.
Yesterday, I decided. Im not being selfish any more. Im not going to be that person who actually knows everything that happens to these poor animals and pretends that they care when essentially. We are actually doing nothing to stop it. I stopped using MAC about February time, though the company has released a statement saying that they are trying to stop there factories from being animals tested on ones. Until the day comes that they actually stop, I'm not going to be buying things from them, and the numerous other companies I have spend hundreds on just so I can look 'On fleek' on a night out.
Do I judge people who still use these products ? Absolutely not. Because for a long time I have been that person, I am just the kind who reads into things, realises the truth and cannot live with my own self by pretending like I think everything will be ok.

I think that this is the deepest I have ever gotten on this blog, it feels strange kinda ranting out my feelings this way ! Im sorry if your not use to this type of subject, or hate reading stuff that is over a bit more serious topics. I needed to just get across that from this day forth I will be trying my best to promote all clean, cruelty free products. I know I do own leather items which for some people who are vegan or vegetarian do find hard, So I will try keeping them out of my blog from now on. They are all products I have bought prior to becoming who I am today and they do have sentimental value which is why I am not discarding them. Just thought I would right that little disclaimer. I will not be purchasing any more items of leather myself, only items which have been gifted to me.

So there we go. Normally posts take me about a week to write up but this has taken me 30 mins of just sitting with my coffee, ranting out my feelings to the world basically. I would just like to thank everyone also that this blog has really helped me come to help me realise who I am, reflecting on what I actually believe in what is right and not doing anything because its a trend or because people want me to be 'that' person. But like me for me.

One happy El, who has came to a really big decision with her life.

Enjoy all the rest of your afternoons, I'm off to go drink cocktails and research into what foundation I can buy now that mines ran out and I refuse to repurchase it. Love you all X

Here is my little man, Buddy aka Bubba, who is the reason I realised there was such a world I was to blind to see or hear about. I recently made him a little Instagram account since my kitty gets all the attention on mine his username is 'bubba_beagle' feel free to follow him in his crazy little world.