Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Throwback Post: 30 questions about me tag.

A while back I had a slight blog refresh and in doing so I lost some of my old post *Violins playing* But, I am here today with what was my most popular post idea. I am re answering these question as a lot has changed since last time so here we go...

1. What is your full name?
Ellie Kate Harkins

2. Zodiac Sign 
Aries aka The Ram

3. Three Fears....
Death, needles, being alone (deep)

4. Three things I love..
Animals, sleeping / chilling in bed, bae

5. Thing you cannot leave the house without? 
...sadly my phone, but I never have internet so not to be anti social if I missed a photo opportunity I wouldn't be a happy lassy at all. 

6. Favourite brand of makeup? 
Changes all of the time, I was always a mac girl until I discovered they tested on animals :( I am now into Charlotte Tilbury and NARS, I'm also just starting to get into KIKO. 

7. Favourite flowers?
I love all flowers there so pretty, Lavender, pussy willow and Peonies top the list.

8.Favourtie clothing store? 
Urban Outfitters (Yes I do work there, but it always been a clothing store I loved, working there is just a bonus) and you can never go wrong with Topshop.

9. Favourite perfume? 
Black Opium, by YSL. I currently don't own a bottle but it is high up on my christmas please list.

10. Do you bite your nails?
When I'm anxious or in a mood I will, so I will most of the time never have long nails - whoops

11. Are you currently a student or in full time employment? 
I am a first year Fashion Communication Hons student at Northumbria University. Its ultra stressful but I am starting to settle in to everything now, it has given me so many opportunities. 

12. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 
I have both, I have firsts and second piercings in both ears and also a rook piercing on my left ear. I got my tattoo just after my 18th birthday which is a cute little heart on my wrist. I asked to have it on the thinnest needle possible, I was angry when they were like you will pass out but after feeling the pressure of a three I am happy that I went with there advice! 

13. Have you ever dyed your hair? 
I have had a wide range of semi permeant dip dye, my favourite would have to be hot flamingo pink. Apart from that Ive had a few highlights put through my hair, nothing interesting. Not for long though. 

14. Do you believe in Karma?
More than anything.

15. OTP?
Rapunzel and Finn Ryder (Eugene) always.

16. Favourite Quote?
How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard - Winnie the Pooh

17. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 
Lately with all these uni hand in, getting ready is putting a hoodie over my PJs and walking out the door. Normally it will take me just over an hour, which could be worse if you think about it. 

18. Whats your biggest pet peeve? 
When people are rude, like not even for any reason. Just generally people who push past you on the train or not say please or thank you, it just common curtesy!

19. The best place you have ever visited? 
I couldn't choose, my parent have made sure I have seen what of the world I have! New York is probably one of my favourites, but I love the lake district, florida and Australia where a lot of my family are actually from and still live out there.

San Fran 2005

20. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? 
An actress, I dreamed in west end musicals it was all I could think about. Im not sure what happened I was at an acting school until I was 16 then my GCSE's kinda took over and I started thinking more into career prospects, it was an overnight decision going to study Fashion Business and I've never looked back.

21. Who do you idolise?
It sounds such a clique thing but my mother, she was such a shy young girl and pushed herself into becoming an independent hairdresser, which she gave all up once she had me. No matter what she is my shoulder to cry on even thought it has been very tough the past few weeks, surrounding uni etc. So yeah, always mummy bear. 

22. Whats your party trick?
I can turn my tongue all the way around, yes ALL 

23. Cats or Dogs?
Hardest question ever, I have always been a crazy cat lady, my cats are my world. But I also love my dog with all my heart as well, but I personally think he is mind warping me into liking dogs over cats with his beady little eyes.

24. What is your nickname?
For most its just Elle, its quicker to say! I think most girl names have that little shortening. When I was little people would call me Elbows, it was always my ID name on everything. I was called elbows because I was rather clumsy in the way I walked, to balance myself I would hold my arms on my hips (sassy child) and consequently would elbow people as I walked on by.

25.  What is the last book that you read? 
The Great Gatsby, Its one of my all time favourites. I do have struggles with my reading and this novel pushes me to understanding in the style it is written in, helping my reading skills. But for christmas a few years ago my Grandma bought me the Tiffany addition of the book which is such a beautiful cover!

26. What apps do you use for your Instagram photos? 
VSCO cam and Afterlight are my two main apps, sometimes the photos will be screenshots off my blog which have been photoshopped (no warping, just lighting adjustments etc) 

27. What would you tell someone who has just started writing a blog? 
Keep constantly thinking of content, people love to read so it doesn't matter about the expense of buying things. Never overthink what you are putting on we are all chill its not a judgmental place I have been able to grow with my blog. 

28. Where are you from? 
I am from Newcastle, England. No, its not all Geordie shore people getting drunk all of the time and having you know what. Im from the coast so things are a bit more calm around here, I think generally geordies are just super friendly people who like to have a laugh, I love living here I can't think of any place better than sitting on the beach. 

Always been a fan of the beach.

29. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Honestly, I don't know. I use to care and now I don't! As long as I have people around me who I love dearly then in my eyes I have a pretty perfect life. I mean a decent career would be a nice thought two but ill let future me decide where she would like to go next.

30. Proudest moment? 
I was 6 and I was going to be in the christmas school play, I got too scared to go on because all of the other kids where laughing at my costume. To calm my tears my teacher Mrs Allen came up to me and painted a black nose on my face and gave me some blush cheeks 'Now you will be the star, because it will be you who stands out most'... I only had the one line 'bath' but its the first time I have ever felt so determined to push myself in achieving anything and I would thank Mrs Allen where ever she is know of how much I appreciated that moment, 12 years down the line. 

So there you have it you are know thirty more facts closer into knowing who I am. I did try search for one that was more fashion and beauty based, but hopefully you all enjoyed this one just as much. 
I will be going away to London soon so shall be updating you all on that shortly.
Until next time xox

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