Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Nightwear Before Christmas

A few days till Christmas Eve everybody.

Have no plans on what you should do the night before the big day, No worries I have you covered..

Im getting seriously deep into the Christmas spirit. I have drank far to many Starbuck Eggnog Lattes for a start, in the fear of being without them for another 11 months. For my family Christmas Eve is just as important as the big day itself for mine its even bigger, its my Dads birthday. As a tradition we will normally go out with our rather extensive group of friends for a nice meal, movie or my favourite time was bowling !

After the our meet up we shall come home and put on the greatest Christmas film of all time, 'Its A Wonderful Life'. But not before we get a nice pair of PJs to snuggle up in. I was stuck for this year until I found 'Adore Me' this great little Sleepwear and Lingerie company based in New York. There designs are simply beautiful and I can picture getting all toasty by the fire in some of there cute sets this Christmas. So I have made a little favourites list of which ones I would personally buy for myself, but of course if you want to check out there entire stock I have linked them all at the end of this post.

So what are you going to do once your all warm in your PJs, personally I want to just spend it with the ones I love being lazy on the few days which I will have off before the boxing day sales hit. But there are loads of things you can do.

  • Making a gingerbread house, You can get these mostly from your local super market now, but IKEA always nail the big tasty ones that actually stay up longer than a day.
  • Throw a Christmas themed party with friends and family, Its a great way to get to see all of your close ones around the Christmas season if you have a busy lifestyle.
  • Finish off your last minute wrapping. 
  • Have a pre Christmas Dinner, Dinner. I mean your gonna be filling yourself up on too much food to walk anyways, going out for food if you can't be bothered too cook anything but a full belly is the way to be around this time of year. 
  • Play board games, bit of a traditional one this, But as a rule make sure all phones are out of the room and everyone has there festive PJ on. 
  • Make a list of everyone favourite festive film, write there names down and put them in a hat. Pull them out until everyones just ready to get some rest for the next day.
Well I hope that there are a few ideas in there to get you in the spirt. See you next time guys and don't forget to check out 'Adore Me'.

Ellie x

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