Saturday, 5 December 2015

Come chill with me.

I think everybody has those months when everything is just go go go!

For me that has been this month, if I haven't been working I have been at uni or finishing off deadlines. Probably should be doing that right now however I need some chill time which everybody needs from time to time and I thought I would share how I manage to calm myself down after a long day.
I normally start with a little workout, because thought you may not think it working out can help you just release stress, I always feel amazing afterwards. I shall either go to my local gym for a few hours or complete a daily workout on my Blogilates calendar. (If you don't know who Blogilates are I suggest you go and check out Casey Ho and her motivational pumped up youtube videos on this link here.)

After I have sweated out my stress I will start running a bath whist I organise what work I shall be doing for the night ahead, I have ran out of Lush bath bombs in fact all bubble bath which really upsets me so I'm using some coconut shower gel to get the bubbles I require. Whist I am in the bath I shall be using my 'Frank body' coffee scrub as I find it works well with my skin, exfoliation allows your body to absorb all moisturisers etc which are also really important for your skin! Im trying out a new body product with this today a face mask I bought from Urban Outfitters which is to exfoliate your face, if you haven't guessed by know I have seriously dry skin. Topped off with my 'Caramel Pumpkin Swirl' Bath and body works candle mmmm. Not forgetting Michael Bublé christmas album.

After my nice warm christmas bubble bath, Im going to cuddle up in my almost finished bedroom I just need the walls painting, which are going to be stone grey! Hopefully this will before christmas. But until then I'm going to start my work with this nice cake pop off my aunt, watch some Christmas films, hopefully I shall get an early-ish night but fingers crossed. As for the face mask I really liked it, it left my face nice and soft and smelling really sweet, added bonus it didnt cause any allergic reactions.

See you next time x

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