Friday, 20 November 2015


Today has been quite an exciting day!
When we all arrived at the university we heard rumours about a trip to the big apple around the school in February, however after months of waiting and hearing nothing we decided that it wasn't going to happen.... but IT IS! We have just got the confirmation letter sent a few hours ago, and being the mature eighteen year old that I am my parents have decided to let me go ( aka about 6 hours of begging them to let me)
No deposits or anything haven't happened yet but I have been holding back basically my student loan just incase this did happen, months of saying no to nights out and new clothes have paid off. The best part of all this is it is going to be during New York fashion week. We will be there for one whole week, and staying in the beautiful THE ROW hotel on Times Square, I stayed on Times Square last time I visited which was also in February which when I went, I popped my lip in the wind it was that cold! So all morning I have spent looking at good places to eat, drink, what shops we can go too and also seeing about getting into any shows which will possibly not come off but I am not giving up!
So yeah, since I haven't been yet and I hate just leaving with a text post I will leave you all with some of the brilliant NYC photos I came across... Please let me know if there is any good spots in New York to hit up whist I am there Ive been with the family before and did the generic tourist spots and I would like to try somewhere a little different !
I am also having a week off all social media websites if you do follow me and thought I had possibly died... I have deadlines this past week and seeing people trying this out I thought it would be the best time to try, honestly I have been super productive, missing it hasn't been a real issue! If I wanted to share something with someone I will show them in person, nothing much else to catch you up on life's boring with deadlines but if you want to look at some of the magazine editorials let me know ...
Enjoy your week, thanks for reading! x

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  1. This is so exciting!! I live just outside of New York City and I love going in to visit friends. Jack's Wife Freda and Black Seed Bagels are two of my favorite breakfast places!