Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Earliest EVER Christmas Haul....

Nope the title hasn't fooled you, this is possibly the earliest Christmas haul ill possibly ever write for you guys, but of course you will be thinking 'What is she talking about how can she get presents this early', 'STOP, its no where near Christmas', or my personal favourite 'Its too early' it is never too early for Christmas. My real reasoning behind all of this is the other week Myself, Sister and Grandma hit the town to have a little neb around before she heads away for a 6 month trip down under to see my auntie. Being the utterly amazing women she is, rather than giving us money she decided to give us presents instead!
So thats my excuse, so whist I sit sipping my cinnamon latte with whipped cream listening to Mariah Carey hit those high notes I'm going to get into this haul ...

Stop one Kiko.
'Kiko' is the latest addition (besides Charlotte Tilbury) into the Newcastle beauty scene, the good reviews and affordable prices where killing me so much I just had to go have a look around, getting some products to try out in the mean time. I will be trying these out over the next week and giving you a review on all this hype.

After a good helping of Nandos latest addition to the menu 'Quinoa salad' which I shall be returning weekly to eat, because its that damm good, we headed clothes shopping. Something, thanks to my new student budget I haven't been able to enjoy in some time!

Hollister winter collection - honestly I dunno where I could start, I have always had a space deep in my heart for Hollister following my teen years, dressing in full tracksuits thinking I was the best thing since sliced bread. But the winter collection just screams wear me next to a warm fire whist watching its a wonderful life aka the tumblr christmas image. Like always I did come across items that where just to 'branded' for my liking, however I have official got my not so ugly christmas day sweater sorted with this adorable polar bear jumper (ITS SO FLUFFY) and these matching polar bear shorts! I need to find me some cute knee high socks to go with these so my legs don't get too cold, I'm  just one of those people who cannot wear trousers without feeling like I am dying from over heating.

Urban Outfitters was the last stop on our list, my gran always loves to see around where I work and tell me stories about her first job as a typewriter. Calvin Klein collection at Urban Outfitters have realised a metallic bra and knickers set, can I say anymore! I have fallen head over heels for this newsiest addition, yet again I felt that the total for what she was spending was hurting me too much so bought the knickers the other week after my shift. Finally I got my favourite item on the list, I have had this jumper on hold saving up for it since my last pay check, and it is this over sized rose pink and black stripped knitted jumper...I feel like a bundle of fluff every time I put this on, also I can wake up half an hour late for uni through this on with some jeans and hey presto I'm ready to go!
Let me know what items you like from this ridiculously early haul, or what you are wanting for Christmas.

Annnnd as for my Grandma, whom I am going to miss so very much at this time of year, especially since I want to spend all the time with her I can, I bought some Ugg styled slipper from 'Fenwicks' so even thought its going to be boiling in Australia at least she will have warm feet in all that air conditioning.
Hope you all have a good week, Ellie x

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