Monday, 26 October 2015

Glamorous UnDead : Halloween Series

'Happy halloween everybody'
 (you have all got to know what line that movie is from, if not I suggest you go and reevaluate your amazing movie knowledge)
I have been thinking so much over what I should be for Halloween this year, it such a deep decision for me! Kind ironic, I hate horror movies more than anything (ANYTHING) but dressing up for Halloween and being able to scare the crap out of other, I love it.
Only 5 days till Halloween and I still haven't a slightest clue on what my final outfit shall be, I haven't had the time to order eye contacts and spooky realistic cuts and blood on my neck with work and uni it has just came from know where. However that isn't going to stop me going all out, my first idea is an idea I seen off Pinterest basically originally a Skeleton inspired look but I am taking a slight different turn and making it the 'the glamorous undead'

Lets face it, I'm pale as it is and fake tan isn't normally my thing. So my first step wasn't really a challenge, I'm trying to get my face white as I can without using white face paint it will give a better end result. I have the lightest foundation I own which ivory using that as my base and combining it with my primer to make sure it would last all night.
(my hands actually look giant in this, I have the worlds smallest hands.... okay back to stop being stupid)
Following on to the next step, I finally purchased a bronzer/ highlight set for a reasonable price seeing as I'm trying to cut back whist I am at uni so I started with my normal true matte by Rimmel and moving onto this Seventeen pallet only adding a slight bronzer to the cheek just so when I darken then with the black they stand out and add more depth to the look, mainly focusing on the highlight on the tops of the cheek bones and nose.

Another newish product, Colour Tattoo 24HR by Maybeline shade Creme De Nude which is quite a hard one to find I have been told. But its my newest eye primer base and it does the trick rather well if  I must say and was only £4.99 #steal.

Then of course my camera died on me so whist it was getting a bit of charge I moved on to the next step, using my Naked pallet (first edition) I began with slowly building up the dark black shade under my eyes.. as if I was to have bags under them, darker shades towards the eye and then fading out towards the tear ducks. Shading the nose is the harder part, as if you where drawing a 'U" go around the tip of your nose constantly blending it out towards the cheeks, also placing the black under around your nostrils. Finally for the black shading we are contouring the cheeks, however you would normally add bronzer your going to want to follow your natural bone to create that shadow illusion. Personally I placed the first section on with a flat brush to get a more pigmented effect and then blending out as I get further down the face. I went over these features a few time until I created my desired effect.
If your going for a more spooky look, leave it there? add more black? get creative you can be as crazy spooky as you want, its Halloween after all. But I'm gonna add a touch of glamour to this look... lips are up next, with a product I am embarrassed to show in focus because it is so old and dirty but its my limited edition MAC x LADY GAGA Viva Glam Gaga 2, which is beige shade perfect to blend into your face but still showing the world they exist!
Adding some final detail to the eyes I am going back to my Naked Pallet starting with our basic 'naked' shade to darken the base of the lid, which still has the prime I put on earlier its going to help it last longer and look bolder. Im only patting this on lightly on the lid before moving onto the crease, for which I am using the BEST shade ever 'Toasted' I normally use this on a regular basis so I am use to applying it into my crease, if you are new to eye shadow applying and how to add shading its something you learn over time, I'm no professional makeup artist but I have gotten to know how to use my blending brush on my outer crease to apply this shade, keep building this up to obtain a dark and mysterious look. I went higher up towards my eyebrows than usual to really help them stand out with the black shade under neither.

Finally finally we are going to add some liner and mascara, I have never done any crazy looks with my liner so for a first I'm gonna keep it simple with a double flick. Tattoo liner, has been a life saver since I bought it especially when it comes to looks like this the tip allows to to get bolder colour on more complex eye looks and I would recommend to beginners also. Also going to add some liner lines to my lips, really generic 'hi I'm a dead person' make up look, But I still think its effective for the lips to 'Pop'.

Wooohoo, apply some mascara and your ready to go scare the life out of you flatmates, friends, cat, dog, mum, dad, just scare people. Show your creative side! I love this look, Im highly considering this particular one for Saturday but today me and Jack are off to Edinburgh I might get more Halloween inspo and another blog post set up from there - who knows? Have a great week everybody! Let me know who you are being this Halloween. 
Ellie x


  1. Wow, that is amazing! I am racking my brains for ideas about Halloween so this came at the perfect time :)

    Emily | Always Emily | Bloglovin'

  2. I love how chizelled and defined this look is! The use of contouring here is amazing, I was planning on doing a similar sort of thing with a deep purple eyeshadow to be a vampire with. Great tutorial :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

    1. Yeah, I can't really decide what my final look will be I have some vampire teeth so may go with this look and put them in haha x

  3. This looks so so good, I love it! I love the look of really dark and prominent contouring, especially against the really light base. You did such a good job with this! I think I'm going to do half skull half pin up makeup :)

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog