Thursday, 10 September 2015

Florida Vacation │ Family Photobook

Fall is upon us!
However I am still waiting for more sunshine having returned from the sunshine state only around three days ago, I'm happy sad to be home as I begin my University corse I week today which is all good! But having to adjust from 35 degrees to less than 10 degrees... lets just say it has been a challenge. 
Like I promised I have loads of lovely products to share with you all in a haul, but for now whist I get all my things unpacked and prepare myself for my new course I thought I would leave you all with a few photos from Me and my wonderful family's trip. 
Honestly I can say it was possibly the best holiday I have ever been on and I have been very fortunate to visit a great deal of mother earth in my short life, florida on a previous trip included. I think this time around being older and being able to appreciate the wonder of the theme parks a lot more helped a great deal but also helping my family bond as what is a big turning point in both mine and Romy's lives. If you have any questions about my trip please don't feel afraid to ask because I loved it all and that is no exaggeration but if you are planning to go or already booked up and need some advice then I'm willing to give it from another holiday makers opinion, until then enjoy the photos and I shall have my haul up in the next few days. If you like photo post this ones for you as there are a lot, and this is just the ones I selected! 
See ya real soon ;)