Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Beach shoot │ Summer Look book

Evening all,
Here we are with my first 'real' post back and Im feeling refreshed exam-stress free and ready to go! Summer is almost upon us ... well its meant to be here anyways however here in the sunny north east of England, were having bi polar storms and even some snow - Brilliant. With having our final projects to complete we thought (we being me and my friend Hannah) would get ourselves some extra credit and take our own photos / blog about it! Simple. We didnt have a lot of time before the sun was going to set so with some various summer attire and a camera we drove down to the beach to get some shots.
For those who don't know I am coming to the end of studying two years at collage to get a diploma in fashion business and enterprise, Im so happy being able to not only have a hobby for fashion but to be studying about the subject I love, Im very lucky. This look book is part of a magazine section which is my final project, which is actually complete and ready to be put on show! Two years of my life and I can't wait for the next three cause I don't know where it will take me with in the industry I have always loved the side that involves communicating with others blogging etc. I have never really asked on my blog if you guys would want to know more about the actual work I do but if so I would be happy to share some post about my final show and other work.
Getting on to my mini summer look book here and I have three looks we had time to create when at the beach.
Outfit One.
First off we have this floral outfit which is another take on the second outfit I'm going to show you, this is ideal for times when you need to pack little but what to change up your look. I paired these velvet topshop floral print shorts which have some extra layering under so you don't get to chilly, for my top I have another topshop item with is a really simple high necked vest top which I have tucked into my shorts, I have gotten a few compliments for this top over the past few weeks I have just been wearing it day to day and for those who are interest topshop have actually brought this item back in stock for the summer season in a range of colours its worth taking a look! Finally for this look is my amazing miss guided frill jacket! I received this as a birthday gift - honestly its going to be my go to coat all summer with it being light weight and airy it covers my arms without making me feel like I'm sweaty like crazy.

Outfit Two.
Second look is basically the same as the first one except this time I have paired my top and jacket with this floaty wrap around skirt from Urban Outfitters, this outfit has to be my favourite way to style this skirt so far. With pieces like this you can add heels and a nice top and coat to really smarten it up for nights out, or even just pair it with a simple vest top for a casual warm day by the beach. Personally I am taking this to florida later this year as a pool cover up ;) Let me know how you would wear this look?

Outfit Three
Finally we have a slightly different look. This dress is officially my go to summer outfit its simple, comfy, and will go with basically anything! I have so far worn this to a few gigs and nights out, didnt have to think much just put it on and off I went. I styled this dress with my All saints Leather Jacket and have been recently wearing it with my big clumpy frankenstein boot as my mum calls them however they are just Vagabonds. A nice feature to the dress would have to be the pockets, they just add a little something to the dress and as a plus I have been using them to store my mentos in cause I think I have gained a small obsession plus a few teeth cavities with these.

So that marks the end of this little blog update for you all I have so much more planned for over the summer and I personally cannot wait, It got me thinking the other day i haven't blogged properly in about 3 months. But then again I started this all back in September of last year, how quickly this year is going is quite scary.
Another update is my lovely friend Jess finally got the camera she has always dreamed off and being the budding photographer she is we headed down to the sea again to christen it with a mini shoot and here is how the photos turned out...

For those who are wondering about my birthday, thank you very much for the kind messages by the way they really meant a lot to me. But yes it went very well I had a splendid week full of celebrations and I cannot wait to share all the photos and hauls with you all. So until then I hope you all stay well by for now!
Ellie xx